Closing Thought–01Dec17

One For The Road!

When I was a young man I worked in Iraq 1979-1980 and while liquor was available it was frowned upon by the more devout Muslims.  But it was allowed under the regime of Saddam.

I am sure that most people will know just what a mess Iraq has been since we invaded in 2003….but now that ISIS is on the run it would seem that liquor is once again available in Iraq….

This from a newspaper that I read from Iraq……

These days as you head into Karmah, one of the smaller cities in the central Anbar province, you may notice a small store on the way into town. It’s not a big shop but its doors are wide open and it is selling alcohol. It is an unusual sight in this province, where conservative traditions and religious customs prevent the open sale and consumption of alcohol. But things have changed since the extremist group known as the Islamic State was in charge here.

“While we were displaced we lived in both Baghdad and in northern Iraq,” says Ahmad Abu Ali, a 44-year-old local; Karmah was part of the territory controlled by the extremist Islamic State, or IS, group and Abu Ali and his family fled their hometown. “And we used to see a lot of these shops there, close to where we lived. To us, it was an indication that these cities were safe and secure.”

“Although the drinking of alcohol is against our religion, the shop is a good sign. It is proof that the militants who once had such a big role in this city, and those who supported the militants, no longer play a part here,” Abu Ali explains. “Each person can practice their own religion. And when we saw this [the alcohol store] it gave us hope.”

Does this count as a return to normalcy?

That is it fore my friends….see you guys tomorrow with lots more stuff….chuq

6 thoughts on “Closing Thought–01Dec17

  1. My brother who worked in Saudi Arabia for maybe more than 5 years said some Arabs do drink alcohol , but they’re hidden under lock and key. He had seen them drink alcohol.

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