Does Body Count Really Need To Be Reported?

Recall the mass killings in Vegas recently?  How about those killed while at Sunday prayer?  Think back years ago to the killings of school children?

I bring all this up because I have bitched about the body count figures that the media is fixated on for I believe it will drive the next whako with a gun.

Body counts are high and the next guy may want to beat the current record…..I just do not see the need to emphasize the amount of deaths….

The day after the gun massacre at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, filmmaker Michael Moore—whose 2002 documentary “Bowling for Columbine” tackled that watershed mass shooting—took note of a particular fact. “As of yesterday,” he told his millions of Twitter followers, “Columbine is no longer one of the 10 worst mass shootings in US history.”

CNN had already published the full scorecard: “2 of the 5 deadliest mass shootings in modern US history happened in the last 35 days,” announced the headline. The CNN list of “the 10 deadliest single-day mass shootings in modern US history” was subdivided by tallies of the dead.

Am I wrong to question the need for these body counts?

What say you?

6 thoughts on “Does Body Count Really Need To Be Reported?

  1. I would like to think that publishing the numbers of those killed would bring home the enormity of the situation, but it never seems to change the attitude of most of the US population. How many is ‘too many’? 300? 500? Maybe 1,000? I honestly believe that even the deaths of 500 children at one time would change nothing about the gun laws in America, and would just be used as a justification to ‘need to own guns’.
    It is a lost cause over there. The numbers not longer matter, save to inspire some nut to exceed them.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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