Moon Base Echo!

Together Into The unknown!

These days there is a lot of push back against Russia…..did they interfere in our elections?  Did they turn any Americans into spies?

So when I read this story I found it interesting that the US and Russia have a joint operation for the Moon…..

Two words: Moon base. AFP reports the US and Russia will work together on a NASA program to build the Deep Space Gateway, a space station in orbit around the moon. NASA and Russia’s Roscosmos signed an agreement to cooperate on the station, which will be “an invaluable pit stop for human and robotic exploration of the lunar surface” and “a staging point for deep space missions” to Mars and Venus, on Wednesday at the 68th International Astronautical Congress in Australia, according to Motherboard. While the Deep Space Gateway program is being led by NASA, Roscosmos will contribute docking ports and life support systems, and Russian rockets will be used to help with construction, Engadget reports.

NASA wants to start work on the Deep Space Gateway, which will be crewed by four astronauts, in the mid-2020s. It’s one step toward its goal of sending humans to Mars by the 2030s. In statements, Roscosmos and NASA say they share a “common vision for human exploration.” The Deep Space Gateway agreement is important for a number of reasons. It clarifies NASA’s goals and how it will achieve them after years of funding issues. It also makes it less likely Congress will put the kibosh on the Deep Space Gateway at some point. Finally, the agreement will be one more thing keeping the US and Russia from—as Engadget puts it—descending “into outright hostilities.” Space is so far one of the few places where tensions between the two countries haven’t risen recently.

Could this be a new beginning for cooperative work between thew US and Russia?

I do not see this coming to a reality any time soon….too much animosity towards each other right now.

Storm approaches…..


10 thoughts on “Moon Base Echo!

  1. I can’t see why such a project wouldn’t work; the two space agencies, along with others from Europe, India, & around the world, have managed to cooperate pretty well on the ISS (International Space Station), for quite a number of years.. The fact is, once the astronauts are in space, I don’t think they bother to worry about which country does what; they HAVE to depend on each other in order to win against the common enemy, space. They can’t spend a lot of time getting upset because of where they were born; they’re too busy staying alive in a place any sort of conflict can be lethal….

    Besides, establishing a colony of humans on another world may be the only way for the species to survive, once this world is broken beyond our ability to live on it, a date not all that far in the future, as many might believe….

    gigoid, the dubious

  2. I can not remember when we DID trust each other, but since our astronauts seem to get along in the space station, maybe that’s the way we should start.

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