Top 10 Traitors

Every time a Right winger does not like something a Leftie does or says and the “T” word is trotted out……Traitor!

WE all probably have our list of traitors….of course the first prick to come to mind is Benedict Arnold…..but can you name any others?

Black’s Law Dictionary defines “treason” as” attempting to overthrow the government of the state to which one owes allegiance, either by making war against the state or by materially supporting its enemies.” Submitted here are ten people who did their level best to see that America couldn’t celebrate her official birthday. And yes, this list is “too American.”

Number 10 on this list….Jane Fonda……

During the height of the Vietnam war in 1972, film starlet Jane Fonda visited North Vietnam and shilled for the North Vietnamese government, screeching that American prisoners of war (POWs) were being treated humanely. She then went on to condemn all US soldiers as “war criminals”. On hearing that many POWs claimed to have been tortured, Fonda denounced them as “liars”. She encountered no legal or professional repercussions upon her return to the US, but claims to deeply regret her actions today. How nice for her.

Source: Top 10 Traitors in US History – Listverse

An interesting list….but to me not accurate.

For instance Aaron Burr was charged with treason but never convicted….legally he is not a traitor.

To me before one can be labeled a traitor one must be convicted of the crime.

If not then it is so much talk.

Anyone you want to add to the list?

17 thoughts on “Top 10 Traitors

  1. Yeah.. Hanoi Jane. That was after her “Barbarella” days.. and up to that point she was HOT, to be sure. You were in the line of fire, chuq, so I am sure it hit you more… but in 1971 when she did that I was my first year in.. and I was pissed. Still am to this day.

      1. Just saw the incident on Ken Burn’s Vietnam It even included clips from the Barbarella opening scene (Censored of course. Because real life blood & guts are perfectly fine, even at 8PM, but even just side-boob is “evil” and can’t be shown.)

        Anyway…Young Actress Syndrome to be sure…but within the era-specific context of making a political statement. Today, actresses just whore themselves out to any mega-corporation wanting to sell shit to the celebrity obsessed. (aka damn near everyone) and NOBODY holds it against them anymore. I long for the day when most celebs favoured trying to say something meaningful, serious, or controversial. (And no, Kid Rock don’t count.)

        I think the North Vietnamese reacted exactly the same way we ALL did watching Barbarella…drooling at the thought of what we would do with her, if only she fell into our grasp. Unfortunately, the North Vietnamese actually got to have their way with her. I suspect we only saw the Final Cut of that propaganda film and missed what went into making it. I’m sure they put their “best men” on her until she recited their script word-for-word. I hear they were REALLY good at that.

      2. AS the Hollywood saying goes, no such thing as bad PR… her case she was wrong and she changed her mind purely out of greed….chuq

      3. “Changed her mind out of greed”?

        Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t understand the greed angle. Was there a clause in her Ted Turner pre-nup that required her to change her Vietnam War stance? I could actually see him do something like that. (I’m sure there was also a clause about criticizing the colourizing of classic black & white movies.) But unless Jane was a visionary who saw the complete takeover of America by MISC Industries and decided to “get with the program”, I don’t see the profit in it. Did MISC Industries’ film division produce her workout tapes as a way of getting women fit for possible future military service?

  2. I missed getting this post, for some reason.
    That’s an interesting list, with some really good spying done for the Russians over the years. Of course, we have our own ‘famous traitors’ here too. Philby, Burgess, McClean, and Blunt.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. After Edward the 8th abdicated and became the Duke of Windsor, it was well-known he favoured a German victory that would have put him and Mrs Simpson back on the throne. Hence his rather shameful exile for the rest of his life.

  3. Benedict Arnold was a Patriotic Hero!!!

    He fell in with the silver tongued, anti-tax, terrorists out to sabotage the benevolent British Empire. But then he realized the error of his ways and tried to make up for his mistakes, apparently even after the terrorists won.

      1. Nonsense and poppycock!!!

        It was the Americans (not to be confused with the current FX-TV show about truly patriotic socialists) who were the traitors. They were traitors to the civilized rule of the glorious British Empire. Instead of paying their taxes like the good little colonialists to their north, those Continental barbarians started a terrorist rebellion against the glorious reign of His Majesty King George 3, God’s chosen ruler of God’s favourite nation. (Not to be confused with America’s more recent King Georges who thought that they were likewise)

        The ungrateful bastards rejected the divinely ordained, global hierarchy and created a vile, heretical, state obsessed with its own “greatness”. Inevitably, it had to result in the complete debacle that we see before us today…chaos, disorder, incompetence, society-wide ignorance..and a complete lack of anything resembling class.

        Mission Accomplished, Sons of Liberty Anarchy!

  4. Wait, which show? The Sons of Anarchy, The Americans, Turn: Washington Spies (where the heroism of Benedict Arnold and Sir John Graves Simcoe is featured)….or the Reality TV shit-show being filmed in the White House?

    I like 3/4 of the above shows and truly despise the other one. It’s the grisly summation of America’s toxic culture.

  5. Who the fuck made this TOP TEN TRAITOR LIST up??? Arabs, minorities and a 70’s liberal poster child…I just have the “aftertaste of agenda” in my mouth.

    Sure, some clearly deserve to be there. Ironically, most of them worked for various US spy/military agencies who swear up & down they “keep us safe”. But Tokyo Rose and Hanoi Jane? Since when does working as a radio DJ or an opinionated actress classify as Treason? Sure, they may have made some GIs feel like shit, or lessened their desire to kill Asians. But who would ever consider Marlene Dietrich’s arguably more treasonous actions as Treason? Nazis, that’s who!

    Now, I totally understand why “Hanoi Jane” was a really, really, painful event to a lot of lonely, horny, GIs who were already getting up the ass from every angle and blamed for shit only a small percentage engaged in and/or what was really the end result of the idiotic policies of the idiots in charge of the Vietnam “conflict”. (Which, itself may technically justify Fonda’s War Criminal blanket statement.) But most of this is generational. Back in those days, such a “betrayal” would have FAR more emotional impact than it would today. For most of my life, damn near every time I’ve turned on the TV, I’ve seen some celeb/politico/public figure “betray” me/themselves/society/etc. From Mike Tyson boasting about beating his wife on TV, to celebs declaring themselves Republicans/fundamentalists/Scientologists, to journalists joining FOX Noise, to musicians letting Exxon use their music in ads….I get a “Hanoi Jane Moment” 4-5 times a week. “Betrayal” means so little to folks my age and numb-er, we put the word in sarcastic quotes.

    So to me, this event is ONLY worth mentioning as an excuse to run (uncensored) clips of Barbarella and make a Duran Duran joke. So a pretty, young, actress tried to look cool to hippie counter-culture audiences by…shall we say…”vastly overstating a legitimate anti-war stance to the point of being a brainwashed hand puppet reciting propaganda lines” (Mmm making Barbarella as my hand-puppet…Mind out of gutter dammit!) But at that time, every other music group was making anti-war gestures/songs and half the kids on College campuses said much worse. America’s facade was coming apart. People were getting bludgeoned in the streets by cops. And not just any “people”…white, middle class, people!

    Pretty, young, actresses do this kind of PR shit every day now. But today, they try to look cool by associating themselves with the only thing that matters to people today…consumer products. The difference is that they’re getting paid big bucks to recite propaganda written by corporations that use child labour, poison the environment, bust unions, etc. That, and nobody will ever hold it against them. Far more will defend them than attack them.

    But as to the Traitor/Treason claim, Fonda ultimately was just stating her opinion and what she personally was shown by her puppeteers. Since when is that a crime? (See above comment about Nazis)

    Meanwhile, I’m sure you could easily fill a Top Ten Traitor list just within the walls of today’s White House (aka Trump Tower) who’ve probably handed America to the mobsters and KGB-ers running Moscow. I’m sure you could also fill a Top Ten list with the Iran-Contra deviants who -without ANY question- broke numerous US laws. They sold weapons to America’s #2 enemy and imported drugs into America in order to fund terrorism…and enrich themselves. Not ONE of them made this list. But Hanoi Jane? She’s the #10 Traitor!

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