The Longest War Ignored

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For months, nay years, we have been warning the population about the creeping demon of disinformation….okay call it fake news….does not matter….it is all the same.

A flash from the past is starting to make a come back….the tired old slogan of anti-communism… is being seen once again…can Elvis be far behind?

Anti-communism is back in vogue — not just among the right but also in so-called progressive blue states.

Donald Trump’s campaign and presidency have ushered in a tide of blatantly racist, classist, sexist and politically repressive nostalgia, encapsulated by his ominous slogan, “Make America Great Again.” As Trump and his Republican allies work to dismantle civil, voting, reproductive and immigration rights, another vestige of the past — anti-communism — has begun to reappear.

Fox News is but one purveyor of this ideology. As commentator after commentator sees it, communism stifles the spark that promotes competition and human advancement. In fact, any positive mention of communism is quickly and repeatedly condemned. For example, when MIT Press published a book called Communism for Kids, in April, newscasters immediately made it headline news, denouncing the text as “propaganda and revisionist theory” and lampooned the idea that capitalism causes misery among a swath of the population.

Source: Red Scare Redux 2017: From Right-Wing Radio to Brooklyn

All this is so much fake news and disinformation…..the radical Right has done an excellent job of selling crap to the dolts that hang on their every word…..

It has been a long drawn out war but the Rad Right is winning…..

Never in modern American history has a president so frontally gone to war with the media as Donald Trump, whose speeches and tweet storms blast critical stories as “fake news” and mainstream news outlets as “the enemy of the American people.”

“Get used to being stigmatized as ‘opposition,’” the head of media at Human Rights Watch warned reporters and editors shortly after the election. “[Trump’s] basic idea is simple: to delegitimize accountability journalism by framing it as partisan.”

So far, the Trumpian strategy seems to be working, at least with his base. A recent poll found that fewer than 10 percent of Republicans trust the media a lot, and 6 in 10 complain that the media “keep political leaders from doing their job.”

Source: The Right’s Long War on Media – Consortiumnews

A long war indeed……and few pushed back on bullshit……

Right-wing media evolved into a hall of mirrors in 2016, when Breitbart displaced Fox News as the key agenda-setting and attack-leading epicenter of a disinformation-filled, paranoid ecosystem promoting Donald Trump and his pro-white America agenda.

Breitbart not only led the right’s obsessive, hostile focus on immigrants, it was also the first to attack professional reporting such as the New York Times and Washington Post. Breitbart’s disruptive template fueled the political and information universe we now inhabit, where the right dismisses facts and embraces fantasies.

Source: Study: How Breitbart Media’s Disinformation Created the Paranoid, Fact-Averse Nation That Elected Trump | Alternet

Communism is a clever word because of the users are too stupid to find a real word to describe a situation…..most of the dolts that use the term would not know a “socialist”/Communist” if it ran up and bit them in the ass.


5 thoughts on “The Longest War Ignored

      1. Forgot to mention….Trump,Chabad,Putin are all mentioned…research has exhausted me… 😦

  1. Well, at least the Domino Theory is alive and well in Trumpie’s Photo-Op Cabinet!
    Spicy? Gone! Preibus? Sessions? How many more scapegoats will Don CorleTrump fire before Labor Day?

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