A Mueller Conspiracy

We, the public, have been bombarded by the Russian affair…..some think there is something nefarious while others think there is nothing to see so move on….

I want to go into this “Special Prosecutor” thing…..

As most everyone knows Mueller is looking into the Trump connection to Russia…….or if there is one….everything was okay until there is word that Mueller will look into the financial status of Trump and his minions…..then everything became about trying to get around Mueller even the possibility of firing him.

The problem is that only the DoJ can do the deed…since Sessions has recused himself…he cannot do it…then it will fall to his second and since he is the person that appointed Mueller then he is out of the equation.

So what is the prez to do?

If he wants Mueller fired then he will have to get around Sessions and his second…fire them would be the easiest and install a more supportive lackey as AG.

Sessions seem to be in the sights of Trump after his interview and the stuff he said about Sessions…..(written about here on IST)…..

Source: Throw Jeff Under The Bus! – In Saner Thought

And now there seems to be another memo about Sessions talking with the Russians in favor of the campaign…..personally I think this one has appeared a little to convenient with the stuff about Sessions making its way around the web.

Jeff Sessions has insisted his meetings with the Russian ambassador during the 2016 presidential campaign had nothing to do with the campaign—but the ambassador is saying otherwise. Sergey Kislyak told his superiors that during two conversations with Sessions, who was a senator at the time and also serving as a foreign policy adviser to then-candidate Donald Trump, the men discussed issues relating to the campaign, current and former US officials tell the Washington Post. Kislyak’s descriptions of the conversations were intercepted by US intelligence agencies, and the officials who spoke to the Post acknowledged that it’s not clear how reliable Kislyak’s accounts of the conversations are, but that he is known for relaying accurate information to the Kremlin.

One former official says Sessions—who, as attorney general, recused himself from the probe of Russian interference into the US election after initially failing to disclose his meetings with Kislyak during his confirmation hearing—appears to have had “substantive” discussions with Kislyak regarding Trump’s positions on issues of consequence to Russia. Another official says that based on the information from Kislyak, Sessions has apparently given “misleading” information about what they discussed that is “contradicted by other evidence.” A Justice Department spokesperson responded by again stating that Sessions never discussed interference in the election with the ambassador. Experts tell the Atlantic the new information could make Sessions himself a subject of the Russia probe.

Looks like Sessions is being set up….at least to me.

But where would they find a leader for DoJ if they eventually fire Sessions and his second?

Look no further than the “The Mooch”…..Trump’s new Comm Director…..

It’s been nearly two months since Mike Dubke left the Trump administration, and his communications director role has remained empty since. That’s apparently about to change. Four sources said to be “in and close to the White House” confirm to NBC News an earlier report by Axios that Wall Street financier Anthony Scaramucci—”Mooch” to those close to him—is set to be named as Dubke’s replacement. The announcement could come Friday. A source tells NBC Scaramucci was at the White House Thursday, where he met with Trump and Ivanka Trump and was offered the job. That source adds Trump has long known Scaramucci, 53, who stumped for Trump during the campaign and has been “a good advocate for the president.” He also defended Donald Trump Jr. on Twitter regarding the latter’s June 2016 meeting with a Russian lawyer.

Still, NBC notes Scaramucci wasn’t initially Team Trump: He first lent his support to Scott Walker, then Jeb Bush in the primaries portion of the presidential campaign. Scaramucci was appointed by Trump last month to a position with the Export-Import Bank, a position he’ll vacate if the comm director one becomes official. One White House insider who was apparently thrown by the news of Scaramucci’s impending appointment: chief of staff Reince Priebus, who Axios says found out about his potential new colleague only after the decision had been made. Meanwhile, press secretary Sean Spicer, who’s been taking care of Dubke’s responsibilities since he left, is expected to remain on staff, but it’s “unclear” exactly what he’ll be doing, Axios notes.

Since he went to Harvard School of Law he has some knowledge and since he is a Trump ass kisser and will do what he is told…he is the perfect person to lead DoJ and fire Mueller….

If this happens we will see just how weak this republic is for all the Congress can do is issue a strong protest and if that is ignored what is left for them…impeachment?

I do not see any GOPer with the guts to go along with that….how about you?

Also keep in mind that impeachment has been carried out 3 times…..and 2 of them stayed in office afterwards….so all this right wing boo-hoo is a bit premature.

I know a bit of a conspiracy but watch the headlines……there is so much more coming…..


12 thoughts on “A Mueller Conspiracy

  1. This man has managed, in 6 months, to damage the integrity of our IC, news outlets, judiciary and our nation. I have never seen this much destruction of our standing in the world!

    1. Roger you are completely accurate….and the way they handle the situation will indicate just how fragile our republic really is….chuq

  2. Patton after the end of the WWII said: The army is all here on Europe. I think we should go till Moscow and fuck up these Russians. MacArthur in the 50s on the Korea war when we created North Korea said: “We must invade and kill all these Chinese people.” Of course they were just puppets talking about things that they already had heard behind the curtain of power. If you are gonna talk about the present and the effects, the consequences, we need take a deep look into the past to know how to understand and write some nice things about how things were, is and will be.

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