Closing Thought–24Jul17

Will The Hypocrites Protest?

Remember a few months ago when a Repub. Rep. Scalise from LA was shot while at a baseball practice?

Do you remember the outrage from the Right when some idiots on the Left Tweeted about the need for more violence toward Repubs?

Since the idiot Right sees only their side I am NOT looking for any condemnation from the sleez-oids when one the their own, Alex Jones, made is his recent comment on his show…..

High on the list of radical alt-right wackos is conspiracy freak Alex Jones. On his radio broadcasts Jones unleashes a non-stop flurry of malicious rants and dark fantasies. He famously asserts that the Sandy Hook murders were a hoax complete with actors portraying children’s corpses. More recently he has been fixated on what he believes are the nascent ramblings of a new Civil War. Newsweek reports that:

“On June 23, he accused ‘the left’ of starting civil war and offered to personally execute convicted traitors because, he said, ‘I’m not going to sit here and just call for stuff without actually being part of it.’ In the same broadcast he said, ‘I don’t need some coming-of-age deal to kill a bunch of liberals,’ but ‘we have to start getting ready for insurrection and civil war because they’re really pushing it.’”

Jones has crossed a line that may put him in legal jeopardy. It is against the law to threaten government officials. And his advocacy of violence toward anyone with whom he disagrees should earn immediate condemnation and social exile. However, Jones remains a confidant and ally of Donald Trump. He professes his undying loyalty on every show. Jones has claimed to be in frequent contact with the President. As for Trump, he has appeared on Jones’ Infowars program praising his “amazing” reputation. And an Infowars “correspondent” was actually granted a White House press pass.

I do not expect to see or hear any condemnation….for most of his followers cannot see beyond the crap he feeds them.

Please anyone, no matter the aisle Left or Right or Center, that condones violence against another person simply because of their political views is NO better that piece of old crap…….

That is it for me for today….may your evening be good and your sleep even better…..tomorrow is another day…..chuq


7 thoughts on “Closing Thought–24Jul17

  1. Every time he opens his mouth, it reinforces my observation as to how insane human culture has become; sadly, he is not nearly the only one who offers such insanity on a daily basis, but, rather, one of a multitude, with the current administration serving as the primary example of that insanity….

    Makes me glad I haven’t been paying any attention to any of it. Babysitting two year olds is a LOT more fun, and much more of a sane activity to pursue….

    Still in the middle of that, BTW, so I’d best get ready for her to wake up from her nap….just stopped in during the only time today I’ll be on the comp….

    Have a good one, my friend, & keep your gloves on while dealing with this shit….



  2. Chuq, this is shades of the eight Benghazi Hearings. Rather than try to determine why we are engaged in multiple wars in the Middle East, or why Libyans were attacking our State Outpost, the GOP was to busy trying to crucify Hillary. So here, rather than wonder why we have so many senseless killings, and why “Law-Abiding” Citizens refuse background checks, the GOPpers are passing irrational thought off as logic!

    1. For decades irrational thought has been the corner stone of GOP politics…..and like I always say….the wrong questions were asked just to try and embarrass someone…….chuq

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