Was He A Commie Spy?

I feel I must throw some history in today….to some this is a waste of time (to them I say….Sesame Street is on at 3  pm)……there have been lives ruined by the accusation of being a “Commie”…..a popular accusation from the days of the Cold War….now it has been replaced by socialist or Marxist….even liberal.

Sorry I digress.

Ever heard of the Manhattan Project?

In case you have not…it was a secret program during WW2 to develop an atomic bomb…..some of our brightest minds were part of this program and even a few old Germans that fled prosecution for crimes by working with the US under the handle of Operation Paper Clip….

One of the great minds in this program was Robert Oppenheimer, a physicist…..the reason I bring this up is because he was accused of being a communist spy during the witch hunts of McCarthy and his band of inquisitors….

But was he as accused….a spy?

The relationship of physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer to communism and Soviet espionage has been a controversial subject since 1954, when the decision of the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) to decline renewal of his security clearance put the issue firmly into the public arena. Journalists and historians addressed the issue repeatedly in the decades that followed. Nothing fueled the liberal/left critique of the so-called “national security state” more than the supposed excesses of the US government in the Oppenheimer case, save the cases involving Alger Hiss and the Rosenbergs.[1]

But while the emotional level, even shrillness, of the debate continued, the substance of the argument became increasingly stale and repetitive; there was little new evidence to clarify the ambiguities of the matter. In the last two decades, however, new evidence has emerged that, while not resolving all ambiguities and still leaving a number of details unclear, nonetheless allows confident answers to the question of whether Robert Oppenheimer was a Communist and a spy. It demonstrates that he had, indeed, been a Communist but had not been a spy.

Source: Washington Decoded: J. Robert Oppenheimer:

Many lives were ruined by the mere accusation of being a communist sympathizer…..especially when the Congress led the charge for awhile….but was he, Oppenheimer, a spy or not?


9 thoughts on “Was He A Commie Spy?

  1. I read that he was overwhelmed with guilt at the effects of the atom bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Maybe he wanted to make sure that both sides had the capability, the first stirrings of mutually assured destruction perhaps?
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. Much as I would have expected. Socialism creates greed? I haven’t seen much evidence of that. I see more greed in multi-millionaires, and corporations who cheat on taxes because they can never have ‘enough’. Envy perhaps, I can see that, especially with East/West Germany as the given example. Spend long enough having the supposed ‘good life’ dangled out of reach, and envy might be the outcome.
        Regards, Pete.

  2. To comment on the Oppenheimer thing… I have found over the years that when it comes to communism and socialism the believers are from two camps. The first being the guttural, riots-in-the-streets impulsive let’s-make-change-and-throw-the-bums-out-and-spread-their-money-around, 1918-ish banner-waving revolution mentality. The other camp are the more intellectual and cerebral theorists that are trying to save humanity from itself. If Oppy was a commie he would be in the latter camp. While it seems a fact that Stalin did have someone in the Manhattan Project I don’t see Oppy feeding him secrets, directly or not, even if he were a commie.

    “Fat Man And Little Boy” was a good movie although not sure on how factual.

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