North Korea: The Thorn That Irritates

The Neocons in DC are having none of the fact that NK is trying to get warheads and a delivery system…..tough talk from the prez on down the line……

Here are some takeaways from this most recent test. According to John Schilling, an expert on North Korean missiles:

  • This Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) is known as the “Hwasong-14.”
  • The biggest concern over ICBMs is not due to their intrinsic explosiveness — which is certainly considerable — but due to their ability to have one or multiple nuclear warheads loaded onto them.
  • The Hwasong-14 can probably carry one nuclear warhead, though there’s no indication North Korea has developed a nuclear weapon small enough to fit in a nose cone.
  • North Korea is likely a decade or two away from being able to fit this ICBM with multiple warheads.

Also, North Korea is probably years away from being able to reliably hit targets on America’s west coast.

Source: Fears of a North Korean Warhead – Arc Digital

With all that is known about the NK missile test and their nuke research what are the options open to the US?

The carrot and the stick approach clearly failed.

We don’t hear mere saber rattling on the Korean peninsula. Sabers are local, short-range weapons. The dreadful noise in east Asia is something far more potent: the provocative July 4 blast of a North Korean missile capable of striking North America.

South Korea’s Sunshine Policy to coax North Korea to end its nuclear quest? The Clinton Administration’s Agreed Framework of economic carrots and heavy oil to encourage regime moderation? Two decades (or more) of rational U.S. appeals to China to help curb the noxious Kim regime’s pursuit of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles and to help terminate Pyongyang’s cyclic bouts of military attacks on South Korea?

Source: Trump Has 6 Options to Neutralize North Korea—But None Are Good | Observer

Can we hope that a way to control this situation will be found…but that is assuming that we have experienced diplomats in place….and that is a long shot at best.

I have been asked by a friend to come up with ideas on the proper way to handle the NK situation……he is teaching a class and would like some input…..and here is an idea without having to look too far……

The reason that negotiations over North Korea have never achieved anything is simple. Their avowed goal is impossible to achieve. It is well-past time to accept that no means, political or military, exists to eliminate North Korean nuclear weapons. Their continued existence is certain, as will be explained. That being the case, it is time for the United States in particular to adopt a new approach.

This approach would be to recognize North Korea diplomatically, as a state, and as one having nuclear capability. Washington and Pyongyang should each build embassies and exchange ambassadors. This is the best alternative now available. It will not restore peace to Asia but it will bring partial progress that is real, rather than the total solution on which all agree, but that is simply impossible.

Source: Why We Must Recognize North Korea | RealClearDefense

I told him that I am by no means an expert on Asian policies but that I would do my best to find a solution for him to present to his class.

All the chest thumping from Trump and others and S. Korea has the best idea….for now…..

South Korea on Monday offered talks with North Korea to ease animosities along their tense border and resume reunions of families separated by their war in the 1950s. It was unclear how North Korea will react since it remains suspicious of new South Korean President Moon Jae-in’s outreach, notes the AP. But Moon’s overture, the first formal offer of talks since his inauguration in May, indicates he wants to use dialogue to defuse the international standoff over North Korea’s weapons programs, despite having condemned the North’s first intercontinental ballistic missile test on July 4. If realized, the talks would be the first inter-Korean dialogue since December 2015.

South Korean Vice Defense Minister Suh Choo Suk proposed that defense officials from the two Koreas hold talks at the border village of Panmunjom on Friday on how to end hostile activities along the border. South Korea’s acting Red Cross chief told a news conference that it wants separate talks at the border village on Aug. 1 to discuss family reunions. North Korea’s state media didn’t immediately respond to South Korea’s proposals. But analysts say North Korea may accept the defense talks because it wants the South Korean army to halt loudspeaker broadcasts at the border that began after North Korea’s fourth nuclear test in January 2016. Prospects for talks on family reunions are less rosy because North Korea has previously demanded that South Korea repatriate some North Korean defectors living in the South before any reunions take place.

How much damage can talking do?


8 thoughts on “North Korea: The Thorn That Irritates

  1. Some of this is encouraging reading, for someone of my age. There’s a good chance that I will be dead before WW3 starts. Now that’s positive!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. S. Korea seems to be acting like an adult in all this…..will Trump stop the talks or will he just sit back and take credit if they succeed…..the later is my guess…..chuq

  2. As you are aware, my own position on how to handle NK is reflected in kind with your remarks about establishing diplomatic missions. But I feel the U.S. has to finally put on the table.. and this is likely the huge ace-in-the-hole we have for negotiation… a foreign policy that gets us the hell out of South Korea. I have heard from no one or read anything as to why we are still there. But that option the Chinese would certainly favor and would likely be very ready to apply added pressure on the North with that option on the table.

    But again… the goal is NOT stopping nuke development in the North but rather keeping their finger off the button… which I firmly believe is not their intention (doomsday launching). Forget all the carrot-and-stick approaches. In essence we do the thing America is best at… we buy them out. Recognize them.. open trade and begin influencing their economy… full out. Include the “kid” into the discussions with the international “adults” in the region. Give them a stake in the world order; assure them (him) regime change is not important to us. The population of the North cannot turn democratic overnight anyway should a power vacuum occur; they have decades of brainwashing to decompress.

    1. All great plans….with which I agree….this chest thumping is doing nothing but a show of ignorance in my opinion.

      I am not so sure that the North is as bad as we paint it….not good I agree but the rest may be a propaganda tool.

      BTW, sorry about one of your replies going to SPAM…..that is why I check it every day or so…..have a good day….chuq

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