The Scariest Russian Is Popular

I recently wrote a post about the mysterious death of Stalin…..included in the post was a link to another site that says that the popularity of Stalin is on the rise….even under the leadership of Putin.

Here is that link from the post……

Source: Stalin More Popular Than Putin, Russians Say

After I posted the article I read a couple more reports that confirm that Stalin’s popularity is on the rise within Russia…

A competition has been launched to find the “Name of Russia” – one Russian from history who should go down as a national symbol and the nation’s biggest hero. Joseph Stalin, despite being one of the most vicious tyrants of the 20th century (and an ethnic Georgian), makes it on to the initial long list of 500 names, and is expected to garner a fair few votes.

Since Winston Churchill won the BBC’s Great Britons series, other countries have thought that the concept is a rather good idea. But while the German broadcaster ZDF has said that Adolf Hitler and all other Nazi leaders will be barred from running in the “Our Best” series due to start soon, the Russian version includes Stalin and several other Bolsheviks involved in the Great Terror in its long list.

Source: The Big Question: Why is Stalin still popular in Russia, despite the brutality of his regime? | The Independent

Then another Journal has published a survey into the popularity of Stalin…..

Stalin still sells. In Moscow-based independent pollster Levada Center’s latest representative survey on the ten most outstanding personalities “of all times and all nations,” published at the end of June, 38 percent of 1600 respondents in Russia included Stalin in their lists. Putin and Pushkin were each named by 34 percent, followed closely by Lenin. The first non-Russian name on the list was the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, mentioned by 9 percent of interviewees.

Although the Levada Center frequently publishes surveys on all kinds of sociological topics, the results of this particular poll gained broad media coverage – and not only in Russia, but abroad as well as it seems to provide further proof that Stalin has been rehabilitated in post-Soviet Russian society.

Source: Stalin Reloaded? | Berlin Policy Journal – Blog

Lots of evidence that Stalin is returning in Russia…..there are some that will say “so what”?…those would be the people that do not remember what Stalin was capable of doing…and now he is becoming more popular….

I do not see this as a good thing….how about you?


8 thoughts on “The Scariest Russian Is Popular

    1. I like Lenin also…I have in my library the complete works of Lenin……I bought it in Moscow in 1979….a prized possession….chuq

  1. Russians have always admired conquerors somewhere along the line. That’s one reason Roddenberry came up with Klingons. With respect to my favorite Brit, Sir Pete, they bear watching to be vigilant on the return to communism… or some socialism thing. Hey.. if the average Russian wants to have a government that spreads the wealth around.. go for it. But I am guessing the oligarchs might have something to say about it. Although I suppose the common Russians can all run through the streets as a riotous mob like 1918 and loot and pillage rich people… in the manner they ousted the Csar… in some grand revolt against the proletariat. History repeats itself.

  2. Thousands just marched in memory for the Romanovs. They have nostalgia for anything that makes them feel as if they were important once upon a time. Uber-nationalism comes in many different forms – here evangelicals see #TraitorTrump as a gift from God!

    1. Thanx for the reply….Americans do not seem to care about what is happening in their society….we should or be caught with our drawers down again…..chuq

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