Another War Death

Sad day when I have to write another post on the death of a US soldier in combat…..this time it is in Afghanistan……

A 19-year-old American soldier has died in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province from wounds received in an attack, the Pentagon has announced.

Private First Class Hansen Kirkpatrick of Wasilla, Alaska, died on Monday when he was struck by “indirect fire,” a military term that usually encompasses rockets, mortars, or artillery, the US military command in Kabul said in a statement. Kirkpatrick was assigned to the US Army’s 1st Armored Division, which is based in Fort Bliss, Texas.

Two other American soldiers were also wounded but their injuries were not expected to be life threatening and they were receiving medical treatment, the statement said.

Sadly this will not be the last for The Trump administration is considering adding several thousand troops, largely in a training and support capacity. A delegation of senators visited Kabul on Tuesday and called for a new strategy ahead of an expected Trump review later in July on the United States’ longest war, now in its 16th year.

They, the Pentagon, thinks that a surge won the war once before so let’s try it again…….

Source: Another Surge in Afghanistan Would Be Folly. I Should Know—I Was Part of the Last One. – Mother Jones

Einstein has a quote that fits here.


11 thoughts on “Another War Death

  1. Sad news indeed. I have a worrying suspicion that the term ‘indirect fire’ is also a euphemism for ‘friendly fire’. I know the Taliban have RPG capability, but I doubt they use artillery in the field.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I seem to recall during the Vietnam War the Miami Herald had a section where it listed the war dead from South Florida on a daily basis. Every newspaper in the country ought to be doing that now.

    1. I agree….my local paper did the same…..but that was in the days when Americans actually cared about the troops….I am seeing it these days…..hope you have a good weekend…..chuq

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