One Big Union

Another weekend and we take some time to reflect on the past week and the one approaching…….since I usually do not post much politics and such on these couple of days……I will do the next best thing….HISTORY (moans, groans and head slapping)……

In my younger days I was a delegate for the IWW, Industrial Workers of the World, the original union in the beginning later came the AFL-CIO and others….my days with the union was spent in outreach and activism to help the workers… main work was done with bartenders and casino workers……

Most Americans have never heard of the IWW so I thought I would give them a little history to mull over while they go about their weekend duties……

It all began around the year 1905…….

The IWW changed American trade unionism forever, being the first big union to organise black and white across entire industries, and calling for the abolition of the wage system and industrial democracy. It was largely defeated by a massive campaign of repression launched by bosses and the government.

Source: 1905-today: The Industrial Workers of the World in the US

Before you think you know everything about the labor movement you might want to read this short history……..there is so much more to the movement than what you think you know…..

A few songs of the IWW to close……



My granddaughter likes Pete Seeger’s song…”All You Fascists Born To Lose”…what a great kid!

Time for me to bow out for the day…TTFN….be back tomorrow with more stuff….chuq

8 thoughts on “One Big Union

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