Closing Thought–30Jun17

Spy vs Spy!

That’s Bond– James Bond

Since I was a teenager I have loved me some spy novels and such….but you know real-life is just as interesting as the fiction stuff.

Remember a few years back when the US caught all those Russian sleeper agents… was a sexy red head that could make a dead guy write bad checks.

Then there are stories of the assassinations around the world…especially the ex-KGB guy that was poisoned in the UK with his tea…..

Then I read the report of a Brit spy that was found dead stuffed into a sports bag…..

After the dead body of an MI6 spy was found locked in a sports bag in London, police said the death was “probably an accident” – but British and American spy agencies have secret intelligence suggesting Gareth Williams may have been assassinated over highly sensitive work on Russia.

A British spy whose naked body was found decomposing in a padlocked sports bag in his bathtub is among at least 14 people suspected of having been killed by Russian assassins on British soil, BuzzFeed News can reveal.

Source: The Death Of The Spy In The Bag Is Linked To Russia By Secret Intelligence Files

See what I mean…fascinating.

My question is how does a dead guy accidentally lock himself into a sports bag?

Any answers out there?

Time to say bye for the day…..hope you will join tomorrow for more stuff…..chuq

13 thoughts on “Closing Thought–30Jun17

    1. I’m still working on that myself… least they did not call it a suicide….that would be even better….LOL Have a good weekend….chuq

  1. That so-called ‘sexual’ death of the young spy was a scandal here. How the hell did he lock the trunk?
    It’s so transparent, it shows they just don’t give a f*** about what we think, or understand.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. Thanx for the link…I have marked it for later….I have a meeting tonite so I will be late returning…..I appreciate it….chuq

      2. Damn I wish I was in NYC I would be there……I will be watching for the outcome…..I like the site…..thanx again….chuq

  2. *Grin* Now, that’s funny! But, I noticed they didn’t say which part of the death was ‘accidental’; they probably meant it was an accident because they found it on a holiday, when nobody was using the lockers, & somebody accidentally came in to find it….Personally, I wouldn’t think a dead body in a sports bag would be all that interesting, if not for the accidental part… Too bad they didn’t put him in a barrel of pickles; that would have added some spice to the tale….

    gigoid, the dubious

  3. This “accident” story demonstrates the complete contempt they have for the public. They actually think most of us are stupid enough to believe a spy got naked, crawled into a gym bag in a tub and couldn’t get out because he padlocked himself inside. What? Was he working on his Harry Houdini impersonation? (Houdini was rumoured to be working for Scotland Yard, spying on the Russians) And to anyone who believes this “accident” story…I got some oceanfront property in Arizona I’d be willing to sell you for a real deal. Cash only.

    But it also shows how confident they are in their position of power. They can trot out this complete bullshit that nobody with 3 brain cells would believe. Why? Because they know they’re untouchable. All they have to do is say “national security” and the next person who opens his mouth wins an all-expense-paid trip to Gitmo. But that overconfidence makes them sloppy.

    Having the Russians successfully whack all those folks on British soil sure shows how inept “our protectors” are. If they can’t protect themselves…what makes us think they can “protect” us? And why are we so keen on allowing them to rummage through our lives? Perhaps “our protectors” were too busy spying on their own citizens’ every move to notice the Russian spy handing them a Polonium Sandwich.

    The world would probably be a better place if every spy in the entire world would be found naked in a gym bag tomorrow.

      1. Note: Only applies to current/future spies from both public & private sector.

        But no nudity??? Not even with that Russian “sleeper agent” you spoke of earlier? I can’t help but expect that a sexy Russian agent was how the gym-bag spy got naked and into the gym-bag. Those Russian gals can really turn off a guy’s brain. I know one and she turns off my brain every time I’m within a block of her. Kinda like this -eh?

      2. I know what you mean…there was an engineer that lived in my ‘hood and when she jogged the whole neighborhood shut down to watch….lol….chuq

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