Where Have All The Centrists Gone?

In the 11 years that I have been writing a blog I have done a series of post on….”Where Have All The _____Gone?”

The series covers many issues and topics…like antiwar protests and conservatives and so on….to illustrate my thinking there was one after the rise of the Tea Party that I wrote about conservatism…..

Source: Where Have All The Burkeans Gone? – In Saner Thought

Since the rise of the Tea Party the centrists of the past are just that…in the past….because there is no noticeable center in political thinking we have dysfunctional political system.

American politics is seeing the death of centrism — and it may be having disastrous effects.


It’s not a term you hear a lot in American politics today. Consider President Donald Trump. Though he’s refusing to work with Democrats, the #resist movement is demanding that Democrats don’t work with him either.

But a CNN/ORC poll from March found that 72 percent of Americans would prefer for Trump to forge bipartisan compromises on major legislation in order to bring about positive change, while 69 percent want to see Democrats work with the president. Yet statistics notwithstanding, centrism can be a death sentence for a politician

Source: Where have all the centrists gone? A look at why American politics is so dysfunctional – Salon.com

The dysfunction is because there are few centrists….people that can look at both sides of an issue and do what is right for the country….not the party.

This country needs its centrists back if we are to ever move this nation forward…..if not then we will be stuck in this endless cycle of dysfunction and sluggish opportunity.


10 thoughts on “Where Have All The Centrists Gone?

  1. Well, I believe I’m a centrist. While I have voted for Dems my entire life and am a member of that party, I don’t hesitate to quibble with their policies and actions — at the federal level, their movement too far to the left in the last few years is one of the reasons Trump won.

    Personally, I don’t think centrists have disappeared. The problem is that the internet has created two massive echo chambers occupied by the extremists from both sides. They make all of the noise, suck all of the oxygen from the room. And centrists have, for the most part, thrown up their hands because the kind of rational, even-handed discussions centrists favor simply cannot happen amidst all of the noise.

    1. I agree….the GOP of old were centrists and there were a few left but they are slowly disappearing thanx to this loyalty thing the parties want to play….and in my opinion the Dems of late are all centrists…….I apologize this comment went to SPAM…hopefully I will nip that in the bud….chuq

  2. Not sure about the US, but the Centrists in Europe have cannily contrived to hold the balance of power by constantly changing their allegiances from one side to the other. Despite occasional extremes, it is easy to see from the examples of Germany, France, and Britain in recent times, that the Centrist parties still control much of this continent at the moment. Whether they call themselves Christian Democrats, Conservatives, or Republicans, their policies are all very similar.
    Regards, Pete.

  3. If you’re unable to look at both sides and make a decision that is best for the “common good” of all people, nothing ever gets accomplished. There isn’t room for a centrist in today’s partisan Dems vs. Repubs boxing match. A third, or fourth party, would tee up the stage for centrists to return I think.

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