The Pentagon And The World Of Tomorrow

We have had many stories and many scandals in waiting and the one story that has taken a back seat is the budget and the Pentagon.

Trump has asked for a sharp rise in defense spending and how is the Pentagon taking this windfall of funds?

An interesting concatenation of parallel efforts to pull the U.S. military up by its proverbial bootstraps is beginning to show signs of purposeful strategic direction. There are calls from many quarters to increase the sizes of the Navy, Army, Air Force, , Marine Corps. Add to these the proposals to accelerate near-term Army land force modernization, ramp up the production rates of our most modern military systems such as Virginia-class submarines, the F-35 fighter, late model Army Black Hawk and Apache helicopters, and expand the Marine Corps’ amphibious warfare fleet.

We are beginning major new investments in a strategic bomber, an aerial tanker, a ballistic missile submarine, long-range cruise missiles and theater and strategic missile defenses. Then there are the efforts by organizations such as the Army’s brand-new Rapid Capabilities Office and the Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx) to jumpstart modernization by repurposing existing capabilities in order to close critical capability gaps in such areas as electronic warfare and long-range fires. Finally, there are a wide range of potentially revolutionary capabilities being explored under the umbrella of the Third Offset Strategy.

Source: The First Signs Of A National Mobilization For War Are Appearing | RealClearDefense

History has given us many examples of what this could mean.

Let’s not forget Europe at the turn of the 20th century…or if you do not like that one…….the Europe of the 1930’s…..and where did all that escalation lead?

Does anyone else see the danger that is approaching?

Why not?


18 thoughts on “The Pentagon And The World Of Tomorrow

  1. I had a history teacher who liked to quote, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” Another one: “History repeats itself.” So, who still believes we’re “immune” to a third world war? It’s actually an inevitability. What prevented it from happening sooner was mainly the Cold War. That buffer is gone now, and nothing, so far, has been able to step in that gigantic empty gap. Now you have “the world” versus a single, and single-minded world-dominating empire with its shaky European satellites, with barking mad lapdogs Britain, Israel and Australia to throw the saliva of ignorance, hate and racism around. Hmmm.

    1. The “saliva of ignorance” damn I like that saying….a third war is inevitable as long as the neocons are in control….sanity can prevent it….chuq

      1. Another damn good question…..I wish I had a damn good answer…..I could give several answers but none would be truthful…sorry……chuq

    1. Thanx my friend…I am putting the touches on a post about Jackson State you might find interesting…will post in about an hour…have a good week….chuq

      1. It amazes me just how ignorant they keep people about our history….guess that goes to the people that decide what is important…old white guys….they cannot become extinct fast enough….chuq

  2. The “Third Offset Strategy” provides a description of hoe the DoD strategizes for future war, against our major adversaries. It is the third in a series of these on-going planning session, which began with the Eisenhower Adminisrtration.

    The current Defense web site is more PR; however, there are some links, under the Search Tab. Since ISIS was not emphasized in the last one (November of 20125, I believe), you might find s computer search, aside form DoD more suitable.

    1. I agree with the propaganda thing… searches are all over the place….I use these to point out the “approved” versions…..DoD versions are the ones most Americans think are the truth of the matter… must have the whole picture even the crap….chuq

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