Those Deep Cuts

There is no bones about it….I do not like or agree with the decisions our president is making concerning foreign policy……I do not think that Tillerson is the right person to lead the State Department and I definitely do not agree with the purposed cuts in foreign aid that is in the new budget.

In the past the US has spent about $40 billion in foreign aid….now compare that to the approximately $660 billion for the defense budget…..foreign aid is a small amount of money spent for the good it can do.

The deep cuts proposed by Trump could do more damage than he thinks…..yes we will save a bit of cash but the loss of American aid could open up Central and South Asia to more  and more Chinese influence…..

It looks like U.S. President Donald J. Trump’s plan to reduce the foreign aid budget will come at a cost to his administration’s other aims in South and Central Asia.

Some of the cuts come as no surprise as they target programs, like climate change, that the president came into office determined to roll back. But others will undermine stated administration priorities, such as regional counterterrorism and cooperation with India.

The proposed budget will end funding completely for four strategically located countries in this region, and shrink health funding by half region-wide. The proposed budget will also eliminate two categories of aid, one known as Development Assistance and one called Assistance for Europe, Eurasia, and Central Asia (AEECA), instead using the Economic Support Fund (ESF) category as a preferred vehicle for the countries in which U.S. aid will continue.

Source: Trump to Cut Foreign Aid Budgets, Opening South and Central Asia’s Door to Chinese Influence | World Affairs Journal

Frugality is a good thing….that is until it turns on us and bites us in the ass.

And who do you will profit from this frugality?

Hint:  Will NOT be the US!


6 thoughts on “Those Deep Cuts

  1. The most important thing about foreign aid is to build some sort of infrastructure, in which it can be used. And that is generally not just giving it to the government, or virtually any organization in the Capital. Oftentimes, the Presidents of many “Frontier” (not even Developing) are little more than Mayors of the Capital, if that.

    Doctors without Borders is an excellent example; because, their hospitals are staffed by a combination of local and volunteer health care workers are where the action is. Unfortunately, as we have found, too close.

    And of course, these Religious Wrongist who persuaded Congress to de-fund organizations that provide birth control, and perform abortions in the event of rape or incest. In many such countries, Rape can be used as a weapon–causing women to be subjected to sex trafficking.

  2. What bothers me is that the people who voted for him thought they were getting something different than what he’s turned out to actually be, an ignoramus. Clinton wasn’t any better of a choice, but she was a career politician and certainly wouldn’t have caused so much controversy in the first 100 days. I’m still strongly opposed to the amount of money this country spends on defense; at a certain point you are left asking what is it truly buying us?

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