Will Trump Fail?

****Please if you are a Trump supporter read this post in its entirety before going on some worthless rant.  Yes I dislike Trump….but then I disliked Obama, Bush and Clinton….so please spare me your diatribes*****

The first 100 days……did not go as attempted…….

Today is the big day…..I have been sitting on this draft since the inauguration….I wanted to see what if anything would come about that is good and constructive with our now president….in the brief time that he has been president nothing constructive has happened…..his promises unfulfilled and his government is a joke……one mishap after another.

Let me open by saying that I am not wanting this stuff to occur…..it is some interesting predictions by people that I wanted to share and maybe give some readers something to think about…..

What got me thinking about this was something that my good friend over at the blog “John Liming” had to say about the Trump presidency….

In fact, at some point in the game I expect him to become frustrated and to resign and give the reins over to Pence — and then we will see something far worse than Trump could ever hope to be ….. in my personal opinion.

I had to agree with him…..with that comment I started thinking about the future and the next 4 years……do others see this possibility?  The very idea of a Pence presidency should scare the pants off many….

There were several people that predicted that Trump would beat Hillary and become president……I even wrote about these predictions (few noticed but hey I am truthful if little else)…..

Source: 2016: Go Ahead Throw ‘Em A Bone – In Saner Thought

I refresh your memory because one of those that predicted his win has something else to say…..this is an interview of Eamonn Fingleton was one of those brave souls that predicted Trump’s win……now he has more to say……

Source: The Man Who Predicted Trump Now Predicts He Will Fail | Alternet

Also saying basically the same thing are a couple of other people that saw a Trump win……below is a short op-ed I wrote for my friends at Ace News Room…..

#AceNewsReport – Nov.16: This is News and Views post after #Trump election from my friend and featured writer #Chuq please read and check out his great Oped on // Ace News Room #Chuq says the…

Source: #Chuq Says Can Trump Make It For 4 Years? | Ace News Services

Now there is a “what if” scenario…..an interview of former Pres. Trump…..

Donald Trump’s meteoric rise to the White House will go down as one of the greatest triumphs of mindless indignation and reactionary overstatement over rational thought in the history of American Presidential elections. And in true American style arrogance and denial will stymie acceptance of the magnitude of the mistake until long after serious damage is inflicted upon the majority of those who actually supported him.

And when judgment day does come an unrepentant charlatan sitting in his skyscraper apartment adorned in golden splendor will boast of his con with the pride of a thief and embezzler who never payed a price for his transgressions. Project forward to that time when sober reflection is in order and I imagine an interview would go something like this.

Source: Interview of Former President Donald Trump, November 24, 2018 – LA Progressive

Please read the above as a “What If” piece….not a real interview…just a spit ball for thought.

Then there is a list of reasons why he will not make it…..

I actually don’t think Donald trump is going to last four years in office.

Not because he clearly doesn’t understand the rules or know which phone calls he can and can’t take, and not because he can’t decide if he wants Ivanka or Melania to be the first lady. Not because he nominated Ben Carson to fill a position his own spokesperson admits he knows nothing about, and not because he and Mike Pence are assembling a white supremacist dream team cabinet — yes, I consider Carson a black white supremacist — and not because he proves to be more and more incompetent every day.

I don’t think Donald Trump will last four years in office because Donald Trump is a hustler. He’s a moneymaker. He’s Mitch from “Paid in Full,” in love with the flip — the kind of guy who gets off by turning one dollar into 20. And Donald loves more than the hunt: He loves the bloody kill and the meal.

Source: 5 Reasons Why I Doubt Donald Trump Will Complete His First Term | Alternet

There is more on the “will not last 4 years front”…….

As startling and unprecedented as it may be, there’s a good chance Donald Trump won’t finish out one term as president. Yes, Richard Nixon resigned from office, so technically, there was a “precedent,” but Nixon’s case was different. Nixon resigned in disgrace to avoid being impeached—to avoid being exposed as the Machiavellian felon and borderline neurotic he was. Trump won’t face impeachment. He’ll just quit.

Here are four reasons:

Source: Four Reasons Trump Will Quit

Trump supporters will probably get their panties in a twist and come out swinging….without any thought…a typical Right wad technique.  I mean they did this very thing when Obama was elected…but that is not the same thing…(in their tiny minds)……I know it is difficult to think rationally when head is firmly place up one’s butt……give it a try(rational thought that is)….it does not hurt at all.

Of course all this is supposition…..but hey…..if it was good enough for Nostradamus….why not?

Are you a betting person?  If so then this should interest you…….

A combination of controversy, scandal and low polling numbers have prompted oddsmakers at a U.K. betting house to predict President Donald Trump would likely either be impeached or resign – or both – before the upstart politician’s first term in the White House officially comes to an end in 2020, according to a new report. The odds for an impeachment to happen were given a 4/5 chance of happening as of Friday, according to Inverse, a website that describes itself in part by asking “ What could happen next? ”

Source: Trump’s impeachment betting soars

Will Vegas follow suit?

Maybe if they keep up with the news of the day……like a story about what the sole voice in the wilderness during the election that predicted a Trump win…..he has more to say these days…..

The professor who took hell for predicting President Donald Trump has a much longer case for predicting President Mike Pence — and it’s all in his new book, out next week.

Allan Lichtman, a professor at American University, reached meme-status last fall for predicting long before anyone else that Trump would win, using a formula based on the popularity of the party in control of the White House that accurately predicted the eight previous presidential elections. Now Lichtman wants everyone to pay attention to the rest of what came through his crystal ball — that Trump will now be impeached.

Source: Prediction prof: Trump will be impeached – POLITICO

Okay Trump has made the first 100 days…..but some are asking if he will make a full 4 years.


14 thoughts on “Will Trump Fail?

  1. There are certainly levels of “dislike” on the long lists we all have on what politician to dislike this week. Also, one has to consider what it is exactly that one dislikes about a given politician on the Dislike This Week List. For the second time in my 66 revolutions around the sun I have become incensed to the point that I need to say something… and it’s become a quasi-cause (the first time was my “America; love it or leave it” teenage wonder years when I made sure those guitar-twanging. amplifier-feedback screaming hippies didn’t lower MY flag from the campus flag pole. Ahh.. to be young and stupid again!)

    As you know, my “hate” for Trump is that someone of HIS character, demeanor, and gross incompetence in knowing anything about the job managed to get into office. I’ve spoken considerably that he does have a number of behavioral dysfunctions and social anomalies that very much qualify for counseling according to any number of specialists), were it not for the fact that he’s too old and set in his ways to understand when change is necessary because he’s been the top dog in his environment all his life. It’s the “old dog, new tricks” thing for sure.

    In an early post I predicted that Trump will become very unhappy in office simply because the “battlefield” of politics is way our of his league; he can’t dictate anything he wants without some battle; and the press is hot on his ass constantly because they have no idea what he’s doing. All this was recently confirmed in that interview where he felt the need to share with the world that the job is far more complicated that he thought and that he liked his old job better. I also speculated that the elevation of son-in-law Jared to Advisor-in-chief might be his way of grooming the kid to run in Trump’s sted for his second term. I am sure Trump wants to go home to his world.. and as he gets older and the age maladies sink in, this will be more apparent with him.

    I can’t speculate where Trump’s breaking point might be if he can’t manage anything other than decrees. If he gets impeached… I am sure that will stick it out to complete the term or until he’s physically removed from office. By comparison Pence would be a far better presidential “image” to finish a term if necessary. I don’t much care for Pence either… but I would most certainly welcome him as president to make sure Trump has left. Pence can be voted out later. He’s colorless and not politically dynamic one bit.

    1. I worry more about Pence…the man is a theocrat in waiting……image is one thing but he would be that toad that tries to make “christianity” a must….I distrust his motives for being a politician…..he would be equivalent to a “Iman”….chuq

  2. Jesus.. ! Ugh! Watching this damned “religious liberty” decree he’s signed. Totally off topic, chuq.. but yet just another thing that pisses me off. So let me get this straight… he’s ok for churches to engage in political activism but we are suppose to fear anti-American political thought leading to terrorism inside mosques?? What was wrong with the Johnson Amendment?? Is he suggesting that the separation of church and state is a grey area now because it benifits the nation??

    1. I told you so…that is a Pence issue…..and some people are worried about sharia law and this is just a different name for the same thing……chuq

  3. This is a long post and I’m busy today. Regarding the mention of hatred for Trump, my displeasure ( hate is a strong word) goes out to the uneducated ignorant basket if deplorables who elected him and to Comey who has not been held accountable for breaking the specific law that prohibits putting anything public in the last days of an election period that might impact the vote. Regarding the failure of Trump, if one were to ask if he and his thugs will ruin this country I would say he is off to a great start and will succeed.

    1. hope you can find the time to read the post…there is some interesting articles in it…..ruin is coming and it will not be pretty…..chuq

      1. I read most of it Chuq…don’t get me wrong, you know by now I tend to go off on a rant. Sorry.

  4. As an outsider, I didn’t realise that if Trump resigns, then Pence gets the gig by default. Surely there would have to be another election, I thought. It seems I am wrong, and it’s a similar situation to here, when the PM resigns. At least we get a leadership election in the ruling party, better than nothing.
    Regards, Pete.

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