Is A Solution Possible?

For many years the group known as Hamas has been “fighting” the state of Israel……so hard that it is on the terror list… the beginning the charter that set up the group called for the eradication of the state of Israel as their goal….and has worked to that aim since the beginning…….

But just recently Hamas has updated it charter…….

Hamas has presented a new political document that accepts the formation of a Palestinian state along the 1967 borders, without recognising the statehood of Israel, and says that the conflict in Palestine is not a religious one.

The positions were made official on Monday in Qatar’s capital, Doha, by Khaled Meshaal, the leader-in-exile of the Palestinian group that runs the besieged Gaza Strip.

“We shall not waive an inch of the Palestinian home soil, no matter what the recent pressures are and no matter how long the occupation,” Meshaal said as he revealed the document to the public after two years of work.

Source: Hamas Accepts Palestinian State With 1967 Borders | World Affairs Journal

If the reader is interested then this link will take you to the document in question……

Source: Hamas in 2017: The document in full | Middle East Eye

This is a moderate step forward for Hamas….while the document did nor call for the eradication of Israel…it still did not recognize their right to exist.  They also have agreed to accept the 1967 borders as the state of Palestine.

In the past couple of weeks, the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, succeeded in making the issue of its “new political document” a major news headline. It was not just about propaganda; Hamas was also preparing its anxious supporters for the release of the document, while gauging reactions on the leaked clauses of the new document.

The controversy surrounding the movement’s former Charter, first published in 1988, is not new. It dates back to the second Palestinian uprising (known as the Second Intifada) in 2000, especially after the late Hamas leader Ahmed Yassin stated in 2003 that Hamas would accept the two-state solution as a temporary solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Source: What is next for Hamas? | Middle East | Al Jazeera

Give Israel a few days and they will condemn this as some sort of “trick”…..

I say why not explore the turn of events if peace is truly what Israel has in mind… thought that Israel is more concerned about the acquisition of land than in peace.

And then Abba the leader of the PA comes to DC and meets with Trump and we have a promise of a settlement of hostilities in the “Holy Land”….

President Donald Trump expressed optimism for resumed peace talks between the Palestinians and Israel at the start of his Oval Office meeting with Mahmoud Abbas Wednesday in Washington, his first direct meeting with the Palestinian leader, the AP reports. Trump, who said he’ll “do whatever is necessary” to reach a Mideast peace agreement, added he’d “love to to be a mediator, an arbitrator, or a facilitator” between the two sides and thinks “there’s a very, very good chance” of bringing Israel and the Palestinians together. In fact, he noted as a luncheon began, the solution may be just within reach. “It’s something, frankly, maybe not as difficult as people have thought over the years,” he said, per NBC News. He added, however, that a deal “cannot be imposed by the United States or any other nation.”

Trump didn’t provide any details about how the process might work, though he mentioned he’s long heard that brokering peace between the two sides was “perhaps the toughest deal” to make. He took that as a challenge, telling Abbas, “Let’s see if we can prove them wrong, OK?” Abbas, for his part, speaking through an interpreter, said that he’s hopeful for bringing about a “just and comprehensive” peace with Israel “based on the vision of two states,” using the borders of 1967 as a foundation. The Palestinian leader says it’s time for Israel to end its occupation of its land. Israel has rejected those 1967 lines as a possible border, saying it would impose security risks. Abbas said he believed he and Trump can be “true partners” in their efforts. “We are coming into a new opportunity … that would enable us to bring about peace” in the region, he noted.

How easy can it be?

Without details I am not impressed…anyone can say a settlement is coming….but the proof will be in the process… far I do not see one….

Did I miss something?

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