Closing Thought–04May17

May the Fourth be with you!

Before I go on I need to bring to everyone’s attention……on this day in 1970 soldiers shoot and kill protesting students at Kent State……

On this day in 1970 the Ohio National Guard were sent to Kent State University due to disturbances in the city of Kent that weekend. Students at the university were protesting the Cambodian Campaign of the United States and South Vietnam in the Vietnam War. The National Guard opened fire on the students, killing four unarmed students and wounding nine others.

On to the post for the hour………

Gravel at Our Feet!

For decades the US and others have imposed economic sanctions against the country of North Korea….the aim is to cripple the government and the country into submission to the will of the “Overlords”.

The US has just imposed a new round of sanctions in response to nuke testing and missile research… now, after decades,  there should be cracks appearing all over NK’s economy thanx to sanctions…..right?

Not so fast.

Resolute in its commitment to communism and plagued by sanctions, North Korea has one of the most isolated economies in the world. And yet its economy is showing signs of expanding — potentially at a pretty decent pace.

This weekend the New York Times’s Choe Sang-Hun wrote a fascinating article showing how the country has been experiencing economic success in recent years by taking steps toward allowing private enterprise to spread throughout the country.

According to the Times, some experts estimate that the North Korean economy could be growing between 1 and 5 percent per year. If North Korea’s economy is actually growing at the higher end of that estimate — say, around 4 percent — the country would be showing surprising resilience in the face of international sanctions.

Source: The North Korean economy is actually growing despite sanctions – Vox

If this is true then why are there a continuation of more sanctions if they are not doing what they were designed to do?

Einstein has a quote for this.

I close down for the day…..see you guys on the flip side of tomorrow….chuq


4 thoughts on “Closing Thought–04May17

  1. Thank you for the sad but needed reminder of our not so wonderful past. I knew there was some sort of reason May 4 resonated with me but I couldn’t call it to mind.

  2. It sounds as if the DPRK is beginning to follow the Chinese model. If that continues, they might soon have more Billionaires than America! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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