2016: Go Ahead Throw ‘Em A Bone

With the election quickly making its way into the psyche of the American people and among my readers there are a few supporters of Donald Trump…..I know I have not been kind to him or for that matter to the other candidate either…..but I like to keep what few readers I have happy…..so from time to time I will throw them a bone…….

There is this professor that is to have supposedly predicted the presidential winner accurately for the last 30 years and this time he is calling the race for….wait for it……Trump.

A professor who has accurately predicted the victor of every White House race since 1984 is not budging from his bet that Donald Trump will win this year.

“By the narrowest of possible margins, the keys still point to a Trump victory,” Allan J. Lichtman, professor of history at American University, told The Washington Post in an interview published Friday.

Lichtman told the newspaper his system revolves around a set of 13 true or false statements about the party currently holding the White House.

The scholar said if six or more statements are false, the incumbent party loses the presidency come Election Day.

“Early on, the keys were inconclusive,” Lichtman said of the 2016 race. “And since that time, that sixth key has turned against the Democrats.”

The decisive factor, he says, is the strength of third-party candidates. Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson could siphon off 5 percent or more of the popular vote, based on current polling.

Source: Prof correct on 30 years of elections: Trump will win | TheHill

There you go my friends….consider this a positive bone….just for you guys….

You are welcome!


6 thoughts on “2016: Go Ahead Throw ‘Em A Bone

  1. I like professors a lot … especially the kind that love ice cream sundaes and who own redbone dogs. My prediction for this election (and I am more on the order of a sage than a professor) is that nobody will win but there will be a loser … The American People.

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