We Are Back To National Security

The latest terrorist attack in London has us Americans again thinking about national security…..we will put some of the insanity aside and start ranting on about protecting ourselves from the coming range war with terrorists.

Our security will depend on the federal budget…who gets what and who gets cut….all paths lead to the national security….if true how does this new proposed budget look on that front?

US President Donald J. Trump’s draft budget, which proposes to increase defense spending by slashing funding for the US Department of State and foreign aid, would imperil national security efforts and weaken the US stance on the world stage, according to two US lawmakers—one a Democrat and the other a Republican.

“You cannot balance the budget on the back of discretionary spending,” said Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA). “If [increased defense spending] comes at the expense of the State Department, it’s not a recipe for success; it’s a recipe for making our national security weaker.”

Source: Lawmakers: Trump’s Budget Will Weaken National Security | RealClearDefense

Money could be a problem with our security but what about the policies that the money will fund?

The recent North Korean missile tests raise questions about contradictions in President Donald Trump’s national security policies. During his campaign Trump implied that the United States should fight fewer wars overseas and demanded that US dependents, Japan and South Korea, do more for their own defense, perhaps even getting nuclear weapons. Yet a recent article written by David Sanger, a national security reporter for the New York Times, noted that Trump had tweeted that North Korean acquisition of a long-range missile “won’t happen” and that his administration was considering preemptive military strikes on North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs or reintroducing US tactical (short-range) nuclear missiles into South Korea, which were removed twenty-five years ago. So which is it – demanding US allies do more or ramping up America’s efforts to make them even more reliant on American power? And this is not the only Trump policy contradiction.

Source: Inconsistencies in Trump’s National Security Policies by — Antiwar.com

We need to hold our national security in the same arms that we hold some of our outdated beliefs.

National security policies will effect us all….we should pay closer attention and stop worrying about the midgets in this world.


8 thoughts on “We Are Back To National Security

  1. I’ll try to catch up to today, but, have given up on previous days…. For this, I have to comment, again, in this way…

    There is no such thing as security, national, or otherwise. It is a mistake to believe that any government, or any person, other than one’s self, can provide security in life; life exists in a constant state of risk, or, it isn’t life. Accepting risks, and learning to deal with them, is how to remove the fear of such ambiguity; expecting one’s government (which has no interest, or investment in providing security, other than to manipulate the citizenry into accepting loss of freedoms) to make one safe is not only an absurdity, but, stupid to boot.Of course, those who engage in ‘governing’ know this, and use it unmercifully to delude the citizenry….whom they regard as stupid, for good reason….

    “There is always something to fear, for those who are afraid.” — G.B. Shaw

    Only personal responsibility can provide one with a feeling of security, and that comes from knowing how to take care of oneself; it never comes from ANYTHING OR ANYONE outside the self….

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. Aye, Mr. Gigoid… and it’s personal responsibility that is to lacking in political opinion and in daily living. We live in a world of either damaged self-esteem, obsessive self-preservation at the expense of truth, or both.

  2. One conclusion that has been drawn from the London attack is that it is impossible to protect yourself from the actions of a determined individual with access to a car, and a kitchen knife. No amount of intelligence, CCTV, undercover surveillance, or overt protection will ever stop events like that one happening.
    England more or less invented spies and counter-intelligence, during the Elizabethan era in the 16th century. Hundreds of years spent perfecting these organisations could not stop one man driving from Birmingham to Brighton in a rented car, then into London the next day, to carry out that attack.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. That is what I have been trying to drill into the minds of Americans….a Lone Wolf cannot be predicted….and that is what is happening here there have been no more big hits since 9/11….chuq

      1. Again I bang away at this (we all seem to have our causes)… if the nation begins to recognize the immense attention needed to address mental health issues, this will certainly help in reducing these lone wolf issues because most (if not all) are mental cases. Even as I write this.. Spicer is jabbering about Christie heading some commission into opiod use. WTF… if they just approach this as a mental health issue and not JUST a drug abuse issue, you can cover most ill’s in this country. Ugh!

      2. That would be a requirement of some scientific basis….and if climate change is any indication then we are screwed and they are getting richer….chuq

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