Whatever Generals Want Will Generals Get?

Since few in the American blogosphere care little about our adventurism overseas….it falls on my shoulders to keep the focus where it belongs…..war is never the answer.

With a new president we will have new goals especially in the field of international relations and war…..we already fight on just about every section of the globe and much taxpayer money goes to extending those wars…..but what do the generals want?

US African Commander Gen. Thomas Waldhauser today confirmed that he is still seeking increased authority to carry out attacks in Somalia, seeking President Trump’s permission for more “flexibility” in carrying out airstrikes and using ground troops in the country.

It was reported last month that the Pentagon was looking to expand involvement in Somalia, though Waldhauser today confirmed that the White House has not granted them the permission that they were seeking, leaving unclear what the holdup is, as the Trump Administration is sending more and more forces across Africa.

According to Waldhauser, the changes would not just open up an increase in operations in Somalia, but also allow the pentagon to provide increased direct aid to the Somali National Army, including potentially putting embedded troops in with them in areas close to combat forces.

It seems that Africa is getting a lot of attention…..

In a press briefing at the Pentagon today, African Command leader Gen. Thomas Waldhauser announced that the US intends to keep ground troops in Libya for the foreseeable future to support “friendly forces,” and to “degrade” the ISIS forces that remain in the country.

Waldhauser did not specify how many US troops are in Libya now, or how many will stay, but did estimate that there were less than 200 ISIS fighters left in Libya. The US had announced the end of the anti-ISIS campaign in Libya back in December, but never fully withdrew from the country.

The US forces were in Libya trying to help the “unity” government defeat ISIS in the city of Sirte. US officials repeatedly claimed the city was totally surrounded, and that no ISIS fighters would get away, though when the fighting finally ended, a substantial number of ISIS fighters did in fact get away.

Waldhauser hinted that the US operations in Libya would primarily be airstrikes going forward, saying that the US needs to have troops on the ground for “precision airstrikes” and “close-air support operations.” He added that the last US airstrikes, in January, involved US troops meeting face-to-face with allies on coordinating the strikes.


Seems warmongering runs deep in the Trump administration….will this escalate beyond their capabilities to handle?

Well let’s look at Trump’s Wars…..

President Donald Trump is no stranger to conflict escalation. In his short time in office, he has managed to successfully escalate disputes against the media, immigrants and the intelligence community. Yet Trump’s most important escalation has been in the War on Terror, substantially increasing the U.S. commitment to wars in Yemen, Syria and elsewhere. Unfortunately, these steps are likely only to draw America deeper into some of the world’s most intractable conflicts

Source: Trump’s Wars | Cato Institute

What are the chances that this will become a hydra, a monster with many heads?


10 thoughts on “Whatever Generals Want Will Generals Get?

  1. “…deeper into some of the world’s most intractable conflicts” ?
    It is already a hydra and American has too many middle fingers in each of these conflicts. I believe it is a given that things will only get worse not better. We seem, historically as well as currently, only to have hands with middle fingers and unable to show the V for peace or even victory. ~~dru~~

  2. I must agree with dru; it’s already out of control, & The Trumpette has no interest in changing anything in that respect, for, if nothing else, he knows where profit comes from….

    It won’t stop, because it’s a process embedded in the culture of delusion under which we live on this planet; the only way to stop it will come when the delusions finally lose to reality, & our culture comes crashing down, taking most of us with it, if not all….including those who wish to make the wars, who believe they can do it forever…. Silly monkeys…

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. HI yah dubie glad to “see” ya but I wish it was under better circumstances. What war do you think we’ll substantially increase next and why doesn’t any of that profit trickle down to me?
      xxx ooo ~~dru~~

  3. I sometimes wonder if they are sticking pins in maps just for the hell of it. They refuse to learn any lessons about involvement in foreign conflicts, and have to keep finding reasons to invade places to justify ever-larger budgets.
    Regards, Pete.

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