The “Lone Wolf” Scenario–Redux

Terrorism is not too much the rage right now…..people are more worried about protecting the prez from criticism for his over loaded mouth…..I have been teaching a course on terrorism and right now there is not much interest….but all that will change as soon as we have another attack by a single player that wants some headlines.

While writing that paragraph and BAM!  It’s baaaaaack!

A knife-wielding man went on a deadly rampage at the heart of Britain’s seat of power Wednesday, first using what NBC News describes as a 4×4 vehicle to mow down pedestrians on London’s Westminster Bridge before stabbing an armed police officer to death inside the gates of Parliament. Five people were killed, including the attacker, and about 40 others were injured, the AP reports. Lawmakers, lords, staff, and visitors were locked down as the man was shot by police within the perimeter of Parliament and just yards from entrances to the building itself after he scaled the security wall toward the Parliament’s grounds. He died, as did two pedestrians on the bridge, and the police officer. A doctor who treated the wounded said some had “catastrophic” injuries. Three teenage French students were among those injured on the bridge, the Guardian reports.

Police said they were treating the attacks as a terrorist incident and had launched a full counterterrorism investigation. There was no immediate claim of responsibility. “We are satisfied at this stage that it looks like there was only on attacker,” said Metropolitan Police counterterrorism chief Mark Rowley. “But it would be foolish to be overconfident early on.” The threat level for international terrorism in the UK was already listed at severe, meaning an attack is “highly likely.” Wednesday was the anniversary of suicide bombings in the Brussels airport and subway that killed 32 people, and the latest events echoed recent vehicle attacks in Berlin and Nice, France. As lawmakers were voting inside Parliament, many reported hearing the sound of gunshots. Parliament was locked down for two hours, and adjoining Westminster subway station was shuttered.

Not since 9/11 has the US been attacked by multiple attackers….most of the attacks that followed were carried out one or two perps.

That is where the problem is….how to stop the “Lone Wolf”…..I have covered this phenom in the past….trying to get people to understand the danger of the “Lone Wolf”….but read it for yourselves…..

Source: The “Lone Wolf” Scenario – In Saner Thought

We have been fighting the War on Terror for 16+ years and all that time we are NO closer to identifying or control the “lone wolf” scenario…..

…….the subject of a new bipartisan report that warns of a serious flaw in U.S. defenses against homegrown terrorism: the lack of an effective, comprehensive system for finding, redirecting and rehabilitating Americans who may be on a path to violent extremism. Unless such a system is put in place, the report says, law enforcement officials will be left to try to prevent attacks only after the would-be terrorist becomes operational.

Source: Report: U.S. lacks system for spotting, defusing homegrown extremist threats – The Washington Post

We have spent a fortune on homeland security to the point of building a worthless wall that will cure all the immigration ills this country has…..and yet they are NO closer to figuring out a way to identify and eliminate the Lone Wolf….


9 thoughts on “The “Lone Wolf” Scenario–Redux

  1. The U.S. is handicapped when it comes to counter-terrorism. The UK, with it’s thousands of cameras and surveillance is so much better at it than the U.S. has ever been. Sure there are probably tons of attacks that were stopped, but it was only after there was intercepted chatter on the data feeds into the FBI and CIA. Americans would never stand for the level of obvious surveillance that the majority of the population in the UK has allowed to be created. We will never be able to proactively stop the “lone wolf” until we start to accept increased surveillance in public places; call it something catchy like Eagle Eye or Operation Overwatch. Either we do that or find ourselves three psychics and put them to work in our own version of the Minority Report.

  2. I keep banging away at this… but most of our violent events could be prevented with huge attention toward mental health in this country. You go after mental health you will reduce lone wolf terrorism.
    Although it’s been interesting… when Trump won it seemed all domestic and world events (short of the “war” zones) went on “pause” as everyone seemed focus on the shock & awe that is Trump. Have you even noticed that it seemed we had a cop killing an unarmed black American male every month before Trump? All that suddenly stopped.
    It’s settling in now… and a new normal is settling in. The question remains.. do we accept that? I don’t.

    1. Exactly….I watch conflicts and this country no one cared because we had a new dude running things….but being a dick I could not let it go so I harp… is what I do ….LOl chuq

  3. He didn’t scale the fence or wall. he ran in through a vehicle access gate that is always left open. Because it is protected by two unarmed officers. We learnt that folly, yesterday. The car was a Hyundai 4X4, drive along the pavement (sidewalk) at speed across the bridge, one of the most popular tourist spots in London. One of those killed was an American tourist, celebrating his wedding anniversary. Others were from Spain, Korea, and France.
    By coincidence, I was attending the funeral yesterday of a retired police officer. he had served for 36 years with the same group as the officer who was killed. Many of the mourners were serving police officers from that group, and we all remarked how lucky they had been to have taken the day off to go to that funeral.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  4. Jeff Dunham had it down when he brought out “Achmed, the Dead Terrorist” the first time, asking if they were looking for “a few good men,” and Achmed said “we’re looking for idiots with no future.” A lot of this “lone wolf” stuff looks like people trying to get notoriety or contribute to the cause because they don’t see a point–it’s like these selfish murder-suicides that happen here, but they subscribe to terrorist ideology. Boost the economies, give people hope that life on Earth can be better and DEFINITELY more mental health programs. I just re-read some crime psych books and that’s one of the big things they talk about–over 15 years ago they were saying that!
    Anyhoo, hugs to the Londoners and wishing them well.

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