All In The Family

I wish I was reviewing the old sitcom from the 70’s….but not this time….this time I am talking about nepotism.  Does that term confuse you?

Nepotism is a favoritism that is based on kinship. Nepotism is usually seen to be a negative practice because it implies that the person getting the job, promotion, college admittance, or property is usually not otherwise qualified enough to have it. There are no uniform laws regarding nepotism, but there are many different ways to approach a legal case where nepotism is suspected.

Nepotism can take place in politics where a person with a political position either passes on their position or gets employment for a member of their family.

Pres. Trump seems to appreciate keeping important positions in the family both personal and extended family.


His lordship appointed his son-in-law and his sons and daughter have a run of the White House while still doing business under the “Trump” name… his “sister” Conway has her hubby in a position of power……

Life around the Conway family dinner table is about to get a little more exciting: CNN reports that George Conway, husband of top Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, is set to be named to a key Justice Department position by the president. George Conway would head up the civil division, which would put him in line to defend legal challenges to White House policies, which could interestingly include the travel ban. Conway is a longtime lawyer and has a client list that includes the NFL, Philip Morris, and Paula Jones in her sexual harassment suit against former President Clinton.

Putting a “family member” in the DOJ is a sound decision…it is called….Covering Your Ass” (CYA)

This position will be able to keep the prez abreast of the lawsuits and such….and even can be used to make some of the more inconvenient ones go away….plus it will be a great place for anyone that needs to be around when Kellyanne inserts her foot in her mouth.

Another nomination that is for his benefit….not the nation’s.

(Should I Tweet this out?)


13 thoughts on “All In The Family

  1. Is it still technically nepotism if they aren’t getting paid? Doesn’t change a damn thing.. just making sure the label fits.

  2. This gets more and more absurd…I thought we had checks and balances to protect us from this sort of blatant misuse of power. I need to think again.

      1. Exactly, it’s like we have a whole new set of rules…or that they don’t apply anymore. So sick to death of it.

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