Wanted Dead Or Alive

Josh Randall hunts the Wild West for those dastards that have broken the law and are wanted so they may pay for their sins…..so goes the story line of a 60’s TV show.  But this time we are not talking the Old West where men were men and sheep ran scared.

This time we are looking for the leader, the caliph, of ISIS…aL-Baghdadi.  As troops zero in on Mosul and the home of ISIS leader it appears that the coward has tucked tale and ran.  He left town dressed as an elderly nun (my assertion not fact).

Did he run to the capital of ISIS, Raqqa?  Does not look as if he did…..for it is being attacked as I type.   He went where all good terrorists go when they are pursued by the US…Afghanistan.

ISIL Caliphate, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, is said to have fled Mosul. ISIL says this is not true and it makes everyone believe he is still there. Though we have never thought of killing individuals, or terrorist leaders, as important compared to refuting their ideas, it is always tempting to see the head of this criminal gang behind bars or being beheaded by one of his many victims.

But the question is: Where did Baghdadi go?

Naturally, a group like ISIL will think of securing its symbol where it has some infrastructure capable of providing a safe refuge to him. The only place that comes to mind is Afghanistan or any geographically inaccessible region in Central Asia.

This should raise again the more important issue of the expansion of terrorist Jihadism in that region. This issue is steadily growing and it is likely that in a decade or two, and so long as global cooperation does not move to this ground fast, we will be talking less about the Middle East and more about Central Asia.

Source: ISIL’s Caliph Left Mosul. Is he Now in Afghanistan? | Middle East Briefing

This could be good news….we have al-Baghdadi cornered like we had AQ’s master mind bin Laden in Afghanistan….oh wait…..we fucked up that gimme.

Al-Baghdadi could be anywhere….he could be a yak herder in southern Uzbekistan or a poppy grower in Afghanistan….no one knows just yet.

So what are the chances that we will get our man?  Or will this be a replay of the bin Laden affair in 2001?  Will it take another decade to “get our man”?

Did anyone notice?


17 thoughts on “Wanted Dead Or Alive

  1. I am never convinced that killing one man stops a war, or even shortens it. Iraq is still in turmoil after Saddam was executed, and Al-Qaeda still flourishes without Bin Laden.
    regards, Pete.

  2. Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi ?
    u wanna find him?…
    Pure fabrication……
    Rumour has it…..
    Mossad knows…& the usual cabal..
    of course it is all a conspiracy…
    mornin’ chuq
    busy researching & a keeping a low profile.
    opium wars to you…
    good post.
    so sorry I cannot tweet it. 😦

    1. He’s a CIA agent, as shown in the documents released by Assange & Wikileaks last week….

      So, the Mossad knows, though they weren’t paying him… the USA was responsible for that….


  3. Lady P. was close in her estimate of who might know his whereabouts. Yesterday, I saw that in the latest release from Wikileaks (of thousands of CIA records) were documents detailing Al-Bahgdadi was a paid CIA agent, responsible for the formation of ISIS, among other misdeeds by the agency in more spots around the world than the Middle East and Central Asia….

    So, just ask the agency; I’m sure their response, whatever it is, would be illuminating….

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. Hey,gigs,ya know that bell curve? You had better put Mossad on top….& let the Goyim be warned….they are very bright. 😦

      1. True enough; a few of them might be bright, but, how bright can they be to do what they do? Basic flaw in their intelligence; denying their own human nature is, ultimately, stupid, for it also denies reality…. & you can tell them I said so, if you like…


      2. Well,the problem is everyone thinks they are right! ‘sides they have been hand selected for ? I have been had up by a ‘Christian’ No point in working with them as they are also right as well…who wants to look into their own inner nature? Not many!
        ta for now 😉

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