The Tap That Wasn’t

Are you pleased that the dick Brady has had his jersey from the Super Bowl located?  Maybe now this whiny twat will shut the Hell up.

The other news from Monday is the testimony of FBI head honcho about that dastardly act against the Master…the all too moronic wiretap…….

FBI chief James Comey has begun testifying before Congress, and he’s made headlines early on two fronts: Regarding President Trump’s claims that his predecessor wiretapped Trump Tower, Comey declared, “I have no information to support those tweets,” per ABC News. He said the FBI had “carefully” looked into the claims. Comey also confirmed to the House Intelligence Committee that his agency is investigating Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election, including any possible links to the Trump campaign. He provided no details about what he characterized as a “counterintelligence investigation” to the committee. He added that he wouldn’t typically comment on the existence of such an investigation but said he was doing so because of extraordinary public interest, notes Politico.

Earlier, committee chair Rep. Devin Nunes said there was no physical wiretap on Trump Tower, but added that it was possible “other surveillance activities” were used against Trump and his associates, per the AP. The California Republican also said the committee has seen no evidence to date that officials from any campaign conspired with Russian agents, but will continue to investigate that question. He added that the committee will investigate who has been leaking classified information about investigations into Russia’s interference.

I would say that we can put this issue to bed but we both know that will not happen…the Right will be all up in the condemnation of the FBI but if the verdict had gone the other way then the FBI and Comey would be nominated for sainthood…..and the so-called Left will be rattling on about the blatant lies…..

The GOP will cover their asses and come out in favor of the investigation but with exceptions….

Somewhere this waste of time needs to be dealt with publicly to keep it from happening again….but that ain’t happening.

Will paranoia and egotism allow this issue to die off?  Hahahaha….sorry I could ask that question with a straight face.

All eyes will be on Twitter!


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