Closing Thought–17Mar17

Happy St. Paddy’s Day…..if you are Irish….if not then happy Friday afternoon…..either a beer is a good idea.

Well the big news for a week now is the new health bill that is awaiting in Congress…..and the health debate that is slowing down the internet with all the loonies ranting on their blogs….

I have noticed two things….the people that bitch about the Obamacare are the ones that will not need it….they get free medical in ways like the VA……and two the new bill basically says…”if you cannot afford health care then you do not deserve it”…….and the new bill gives the patient a choice….but if there is NO money what choice do you have?

But in case you have not heard how the GOP answer to health care will effect the people of this country…I can help…….

24 million people will lose coverage over 10 years.

14 million people will lose coverage by 2018.

7 million fewer people will have employer-sponsored coverage in 10 years.

14 million fewer people will have Medicaid coverage in 10 years.

$880 billion will be cut from Medicaid over 10 years.

15 to 20 percent premium INCREASE in the individual market in 2018 and 2019.

Are you an older American?

If you are then bend over you are about to meet the president……

There is a secret tax in the Republican health care bill that GOP supporters are trying to keep hidden. Older Americans are going to pay an increasing in premiums that amounts to a 20%-25% tax on their health insurance.

Source: The Age Tax Is Trumpcare’s Dirty Little Secret That Republicans Don’t Want You To Know

But the best story is one about the health care that our spineless Congress toads have as one of their entitlements……

What’s good for the goose should be good for the governmental gander. That’s the position of Daniel Jimenez, a 30-year-old from Portland, Ore., who thinks that in the wake of the GOP’s recently introduced American Health Care Act, members of Congress should have to pick from the same health-care offerings as other Americans, reports the Oregonian. Specifically, per the petition Jimenez started, that means congressional members and their dependents would lose any health care subsidies, especially if they go back to the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, a pre-ObamaCare offering of inexpensive private health plans (after the Affordable Care Act passed, they were required to get coverage through an ACA-created plan or exchange).

Jimenez says in his petition, which now has more than 350,000 signatures, that some politicians have no concept of the health care expenses shouldered by most Americans, mainly because they’ve gotten used to cushy government health benefits. “If private health care is good for the American citizen, it should also be good for the people that defend it,” he writes. The driving force behind Jimenez’s petition: his father’s death from cancer. His dad didn’t have coverage through his job, and so he put off seeing a doctor when he became sick. As the GOP and President Trump try to finalize their new health plan, Jimenez, who now lives in New Mexico, says he thinks of his father and “whether he would have made it if he had early access to cost-effective health care.”

I think this is a great idea….let the toads suffer with the rest of us…..then they could actually mean it when the say “I feel your pain”……

My weekend begins now…..I am shutting down my mind for a couple of days….hope everyone has a good weekend ….peace out my friends…..chuq


8 thoughts on “Closing Thought–17Mar17

  1. It looks as if your health service, such as it is, is in dire straits. Maybe when it collapses, that might just be the wake-up call required.
    Regards, Pete.

  2. I figured a 5000 word rant, (which ran through my head while thinking about all this) might be going a little overboard, so, I’ll limit it to two things. One, it’s all a circular illusion, which keeps people so busy chasing around, spending time, & energy better invested in seeing to their own health needs, they don’t notice, or realize, insurance, whether health, life, property, or any other, is simply a bet against reality, which you can only win by losing. it wouldn’t be needed at all if its very existence didn’t contribute to the insane driving up of prices, on whatever it ‘insures’, thus further complicating an issue already murky due to its influence by greed and fear….

    Silly monkeys….

    gigoid, the dubious

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