Closing Thought–16Mar17

More Wall Stuff!

There has been lots of back and forth around the Trump promise of a wall on our Southern border…it is gonna be expensive….Mexico will not pay for it…and the government could do what it does best….steal land from the people.

Rumors are that to pay for this abortion then the budget for the Coast Guard and TSA will be smaller….

Texas landowners along the U.S.-Mexico border have begun receiving notices from the federal government saying that they’re coming to either buy, or take, parcels of land for Trump’s pointless border wall. According to the Texas Observer, landowners are receiving “Declarations of Taking” notices that offer a price for the piece that the government wants. If the landowners refuse that, then they may see those parts of their property taken via eminent domain.

One landowner, Yvette Salinas, got her notice back in January. She’d been dreading it for a while because of George W. Bush’s focus on a border fence. Under Obama, she’d been able to relax a bit because he focused on patrolling and monitoring the border in ways that didn’t include taking land and building a wall.

Source: Bigot President Trump’s Border Wall Sh*t Just Got Real – Texans Receive Notices To Sell Or Have Their Land Taken | If You Only News

So Mr. Trump you will steal from the people to get your way?  Then sir you are a true Republican.  I guess in hindsight it would be cheaper to just steal the property than buy it…..

I find it amazing that a party, the GOP, of limited government has no problem using it to get their way… most Repubs hypocrisy rules.

The wall will make the US a more secure nation, right?

Did  mention that we, this country, have water on 3 sides?  And a lower budget for the Coast Guard that protects our watery borders makes good sense (sarcasm)….


11 thoughts on “Closing Thought–16Mar17

      1. I think I was clear if not I will expand….not everything is about the person you support…I am talking about ALL theft thru this program

      2. Not everything is about the person I support unless it fits somebody’s agenda and then it is a different story. There was plenty of Eminent Doimain going on under Obama and Bush and I never heard anybody mentioning it … except for some stuff about the contested pipelines through Indian country. How interesting that it is suddenly an issue of such great importance.

  1. This land theft by government goes on everywhere. For you, it is the new wall. Over here, it is for the new HS2 high-speed trains. Notice that none of the property involved is ever owned by the government ministers responsible though. Funny that…
    Best wishes, Pete.

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