The Color Purple

The voter not the movie

For past few elections we have had all the analyses on the voter…..we have red and blue voters and then we have, according to the pundits, purple voters….meaning that they could go either way in their voting habits….I guess we could call them the independents.

For the last couple of general elections this has been a point that the MSM likes to drive the conversation……and in most cases they have been wrong on so many levels.

This last election with the election of Trump may be crapping all over this “trend” that the media likes to drive…..

President Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton was among the narrowest in history, and the country is deeply split on his job performance so far. But if you feel like you hardly know anyone who disagrees with you about Trump, you’re not alone: Chances are the election was a landslide in your backyard.

More than 61 percent of voters cast ballots in counties that gave either Clinton or Trump at least 60 percent of the major-party vote last November. That’s up from 50 percent of voters who lived in such counties in 2012 and 39 percent in 1992 — an accelerating trend that confirms that America’s political fabric, geographically, is tearing apart.

Source: Purple America Has All But Disappeared | FiveThirtyEight

To me, these voters are not independent for they hug the two party system…never a thought for alternatives… me they are centrists….period.

Do tell….is this a new “trend” starting or is it a temporary thing that could right itself with the next election?


12 thoughts on “The Color Purple

    1. Think for a moment about how nasty politics could be 20 or 30 years from now.
      I am now being followed by Israeli/Zionist Newspaper( online)
      shit happens!
      I will post this later….good post.

  1. I’ve never really like the term “independent” as it implied something that just wasn’t true. Independent in a two-party system just means, as you say, you cast votes within those narrow limits. When I changed my party affiliation, away from Democrat, I decided to clearly state the positions and issues I clearly leaned towards. It will be an interesting 2018 mid-term election cycle as I’ve really put my name out there locally by getting much more involved with politics.

      1. I had a few nose hairs freeze and snap off this morning when I took the dog out, lol. Thanks for the offer to help out, I’ll probably need some advice in the future and will need a sounding board.

  2. SIGH… followed by chuckles…. Those who are able to see clearly have already figured out how broken the democratic system in the US has become, and, mostly, no longer bother voting. Sadly, that number is far too small to make any difference in the system, which operates solely on the total number of votes to determine anything. So, hoping for the system to change if “voters” get a clue is another denial of reality, for, anyone who invests in believing they can make the system work, or even work better, are trying to grab the non-existent pot of gold at the rainbow’s far end….but, they keep voting, to try, never realizing it is as vain a hope as chasing leprechauns….Non-existent magical imps are kinda tricky in that way….

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. I love the rainbow politics thanx to the media….it is polls that they need to drive the conversation….without them they have 10 minutes news update….chuq

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