Eroding America’s Moral Authority

I saw the headline of this piece and I thought it was a piece of satire.  Why?  I do not think the US has had a moral authority in decades.  But as I read the article I found it was not written in humor but a serious break in attitudes around the world.  It was not the “Ignorati” attempting humor.

I do try not to be one those micro-cephalic that are a one dimensional thinker, a one trick pony if you will….so when I was presented with this bit of philosophical fodder I felt I must expand….

SO…..Moral Authority?  WTF?

  1. moral authority(Noun)

    The quality or characteristic of being respected for having good character or knowledge, especially as a source of guidance or an exemplar of proper conduct.

Moral authority means the underpinning philosophy that creates or interprets laws, or it can have other definitions. Many individuals, especially elected officials, are deemed to have the greatest authority. Alternately, the law itself may be viewed as having authority to create morals, and respected as the source upon which people base their behavior. The matter gets much more complex, especially in societies where individuals have diverse views on what constitutes morality.

Okay the refresher course is ended… to the article that brought me to think in philosophical terms…..


21 thoughts on “Eroding America’s Moral Authority

  1. ‘The matter gets much more complex, especially in societies where individuals have diverse views on what constitutes morality’
    or ‘subjective’ morality as opposed to ‘objective’ morality.
    How everyone understands it in a different way..
    Everybody acts in the interest of good as he understands it.Consequently men ,slaughter & abuse one another in the interest of good….however,the fact remains,they fail to understand this and every one considers his good as the only good & all the rest as evil.
    Funny that.
    Ah,mans ignorance!
    Never a fan of NYT…
    Never a fan of politicians…or journalists..
    Never a fan of people who don’t use ‘critical thinking’
    Well,that’s most of them 😦
    she said humbly…
    as she dashes off to see her old mate the dubious one…
    mornin’ chuq 😉

      1. Cool link; these anarchists actually know the actual definition of the word, from the Greek, meaning, not an “absence of all government”, but, precisely, a “absence of leaders”, meaning the people govern themselves…

        gigoid, still dubious

    1. “Critical thinking” supplied you with the exact core issue, Lady P, as usual, which I echoed below, to wit: morality is 100% subjective, defined only by each person’s ‘beliefs’, which are not the same as “conclusions” based on such thinking, but, are based on feelings, the most common of which is fear.

      “Man’s ignorance” = monkey see, monkey do….

      Most eloquent part? “Never a fan of…” Good idea. Fan comes from ‘fanatic’, which immediately implies no thought process, for a fanatic has been defined, (by I forget whom…) as one who redoubles their effort when their motivation is forgotten….


      Great comment; nailed it in one…

      gigoid, the ever dubious

  2. You’ll have to admit that the current administration has given us a level of amoral perception than ever before, I include NIXON !

  3. I think the Berlin airlift and Marshall Plan days pretty much were the end of it. Maybe the Japan Occupation extended it a bit into the mid-1950s.

      1. I take it from the position that we treated our vanquished enemies with compassion when other countries in other wars squashed the vanquished and set up the right circumstances for people like Hitler to come to power and engage the world in a horrific war. We showed the world a better path, and set ourselves up for shiploads of German and Japanese imports that forced American manufacturers to up their quality efforts to stay competitive on the world market. I guess come to my analysis from the point of view of someone who worked in quality analysis in a factory that used Japanese (Toyota) quality management principles that actually originated in America and were introduced to the Japanese after WWII by Demings, Juran and other American quality gurus.

  4. It’s a funny thing about moral authority, aside from the simple fact that morals are a human invention, having no actual counterpart in reality. Quite simply, nature doesn’t care what happens to anyone; it’s only humans, with their need to apply order to what ‘seems’ chaotic to them, are the only ones who care.

    The other part of moral ‘authority’ which seems to escape most discussions is this: it cannot be ‘assumed’ by anyone, for that same noted reason, to wit; it is completely subjective, according to what one’s beliefs may be. Only others can assign the title, upon those who act in such a way as to inspire such approval from those others. By it’s total subjectivity, it is not something anyone can assume for themselves.

    As for history, most of what is written is done so by those who ‘won’ the right to write it, by forcing their beliefs on someone else… Human history, as far as I can tell, is never what we actually hear, for it is a tale told by only one ‘group’… those who survived to tell the tale. It is far better to merely observe humans, and remember their contentious, monkey behavior patterns, to have a better understanding of reality… Our history is a capriciously untrue as almost every story we tell each other about each other….

    gigoid, the dubious

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