Is He “Raging Mad”?

The term that gets so much ink these days is “Deep State”.  It is used ad nauseum (I’m guilty of it) but all that usage does anyone real know what is written about….what is the “Deep State”?

Simply put……” a political situation in a country when an internal organ (“deep state”), such as the armed forces and civilian authorities (intelligence agencies, police, administrative agencies and branches of governmental bureaucracy), does not respond to the civilian political leadership.”

And that is what so many are accusing the situation in DC these days….Trump is pissed these days (probably be something else next month) that all the leaks are making him look bad in the eyes of his adoring public…..

One clear narrative has emerged in the wake of a weekend in which President Trump accused former President Obama of tapping his phones: Trump wasn’t just in a bad mood over the last few days, he was livid—or “steaming, raging mad,” as a piece at the Washington Post puts it. Coverage:

  • By most accounts, this was set off by Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision on Thursday to recuse himself from any Russia investigation. Trump felt he caved to pressure instead of defending himself, and he went “ballistic” at senior staffers in the Oval Office on Friday morning, reports ABC News.
  • “Nobody has seen him that upset,” an unnamed source tells CNN, which has a video shot from outside a White House window of the meeting. See it here.
  • The New York Times says his “foul mood” remained as he left for his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida for the weekend, and the story says it spilled over to Saturday morning, when he woke and began tweeting about Obama.
  • Friend Christopher Ruddy, chief executive at Newsmax, saw him on the golf course Saturday. “He was pissed,” Ruddy tells the Post. “I haven’t seen him this angry.” The Post has the most detailed account of the president’s weekend, which it says was fueled not just by Sessions but by Trump’s growing anger about what he views as the opposition of the “deep state” (entrenched bureaucrats and intelligence officials) to his presidency. That narrative in particular is reportedly a big one being pushed in private meetings with Trump by aide Steve Bannon. Read the story here.

Trump told Ruddy he would be “proven right” about the Obama surveillance, and a White House official tells Axios that Trump is “absolutely convinced” of it. “The president just has a great nose for these things,” said the official, adding that “it’s the bureaucratic leaks—the deep state—that bother him most.”

This is a fight that need not be fought.

This saga is far from over…..Trump needs to calm down and think before engaging the Twitter fingers.

This is a fight that I do not believe he can win.


6 thoughts on “Is He “Raging Mad”?

  1. Deep State…..
    Mistaken identity of a Vietnam Vet….
    perhaps you knew him?….sad so v. sad.
    Corbett Report Podcast_182 via @YouTube
    Requiem for the Suicided: Terrance Yeakey via @YouTube
    & finally..
    The Secret Life of Timothy McVeigh via @YouTube
    Anymore research & I reckon I am on the wrong planet…I think gigoid is right….time to aim for the stars.
    morning chuq.

      1. today is the vote is happening…where? the Netherlands! Geert is rising fast. 😦

  2. Dump won’t last a year if he lets his blood pressure go up like this.
    Or maybe the only way his blood pressure can stay NORMAL is if he goes off the handle like clockwork. Maybe it’s naturally low and he needs the adrenaline to stay alive.
    Just wish he’d quit taking it out on the rest of us.

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