Strategy Lessons for a New Secretary of Defense

We have a brand new SecDef, less than a month in place, and there is worries that he is a bit too military for an accuracy needed in the position.  Others think that he will be a yes man to his boss….he will design policy to fit rhetoric.

Personally, I think that he might be a good choice…..but as usual the government went to the M-IC for the new leader……that would make him a neo-liberal in his world vision and that is disastrous for the military and the people it serves.

The RAND Corp has written some suggestion for the new guy in the Pentagon….while I am not a neo-liberal by any stretch these are good suggestions and could improve the new SecDef position……

Shortly after taking office, President Donald Trump promised “a great rebuilding” of the United States military. This tall order will fall predominantly on his new Secretary of Defense, retired Marine General James Mattis. Over the next several months, Mattis will need to begin laying the intellectual groundwork to accomplish this objective. His team will craft a new Defense Strategic Review (formerly known as the Quadrennial Defense Review) and unveil a host of other issue and service-specific documents. If history is any precedent, most of these documents will be flashes in the pan, discussed by Washington policy wonks for a month or two before fading into relative obscurity. Yet, history also suggests that some strategy documents can have a more lasting impact and that the difference is often the result of how the strategies were developed as much as what they say. And so, setting aside the question of what policies the new administration’s strategy documents should contain, there is a question of how to structure the strategy-making process to maximize their impact.

Source: Five Simple Strategy Lessons for a New Secretary of Defense | RealClearDefense

I realize that generals can be hard-headed but in this case he should take the advice and work for a better world…..not just ways to destroy parts of it……


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