War On Terror–Trump Style

Our presidente made a claim during his campaigning days that he would defeat ISIS and win the War on Terror….he said he would give his generals 30 days to come up with such a plan….

A bit behind schedule but a plan has been announced……

Full details of the plan have not been released yet, but the long-promised Pentagon proposal to escalate the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria has been delivered today, and is said to includes options for large deployments of additional troops to Syria, as well as increased targeting of ISIS the world over.

The plan for the Pentagon is to “rapidly” defeat ISIS, with the assumption that throwing more US troops at the situation will make it go faster. Officials at the Pentagon conceded this strategy might need to be further refined before implemented on the ground.

It is particularly noteworthy that we don’t really know any more about the plan today, beyond the talking points, than we did about it in recent weeks when officials started hyping its upcoming delivery, with the recommendations still apparently boiling down to straightforward additions of a number of combat troops.

Sadly Trump has continue to do what the Right has been doing for years….feeding the fear……but words and fearmongering will not win anything….but that never stopped the rhetoric…..

The CATO Institute gas offered up some insights……

When President Trump rails against the news media and decries reports as “fake news,” he is beating a dead horse. American trust in the news media is already at a historic low point, with a September 2016 Gallup poll finding that just 32% of the public (and just 14% of Republicans) have a “fair amount” or a “great deal” of trust in the mass media.

What’s more disturbing is how loose with the facts Trump has been when it comes to talking about terrorism. In recent weeks, as his immigration, refugee, and travel ban foundered in the courts, Trump turned to Twitter to proclaim that “THE SECURITY OF OUR NATION IS AT STAKE!” Speaking at a law enforcement conference, he stated that terrorism is “a far greater threat than people in our country understand. Believe me.”

Source: Trump’s Terrorism Fearmongering vs. The Facts | Cato Institute

So far all presidents since GW have the same plan for “defeating” terrorism…..the big problem is that their tactics do nothing to defeat anything and everything to extend the situations that will only prolong this war on terror……

Since 2001, when then US President George Bush announced his “War on Terror,” presidents and politicians both in the United States and among America’s allies, have repeated this phrase and have done their utmost to convince the public that indeed, the West was fighting a “War on Terror.”

Yet there is something disturbingly ambiguous about what exactly the “War on Terror” consists of, who it’s being waged against and how it could ever possibly be brought to a successful conclusion.

It is also often referred to as the “Long War,” and for good reason. America’s ongoing occupation of Afghanistan is the longest armed conflict in US history. Additionally, US troops still find themselves in Iraq, some 14 years after the initial invasion and occupation of the state in 2003.

Because of the ambiguous nature of the “War on Terror,” politicians have been given much room to maneuver their rhetoric, explaining why more wars must be waged, more liberties curtailed at home and more wealth and power channeled into fewer and fewer hands.

Source: How a Real War on Terrorism Would Look and Why the US Isn’t Fighting One | New Eastern Outlook

The sad thing is that we keep doing the same things over and over and expect a different outcome…….Einstein had a name for that……


21 thoughts on “War On Terror–Trump Style

  1. I see the words “Believe me” and I immediately don’t. It’s what people say to deflect the fact that they either don’t know what they’re talking about or flat out lying. In Trump’s case, I think it’s both.

  2. I have a big smile on my face, because quite a bit of the quoted material from the talking heads was, frankly, stupid enough to be amusing. Moreover, the mention of insanity reminded me how much more entertaining, and creative, were the tales I used to hear when I worked with psychotic mental patients in the California Department of Mental Health hospitals for the insane. I can guarantee, many of the Pentagon officials, or White House talking heads, (of which our president is surely the most glaring example), may not have been made to enter such facilities, but, had they been there, they certainly would never have gotten out….

    I have an idea… Since these delusional, psychotically neurotic idiots keep trying to ‘make war’ against an idea (how exactly would one know if the war is won?), why don’t we approach stopping ‘Terrorism’ by treating those with it as if they had a disease of the mind? It might indicate a more effective method of accomplishing the goal thus revealed, to wit: to stop terror, one needs to stop being afraid, and stop making others afraid out of their fear and/or greed. Though they are not particularly effective, there are drugs we could give them to aid in both reducing their fear, and helping them straighten out their dysfunctional imaginations, which believe their fears are part of reality….

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. you are right…fear has become addicting….and idiots feed their addiction with BS and innuendo…dysfunctional is being polite….chuq

      1. *grin* That’s what big words are for; if I used those words in the prez’s presence, he’d only feel insulted if he asked someone what it meant…

      2. Ooooh… now I’m terrified…not.

        *grin* Since I only go to Twitter about once a week, what do I care what he tweets, the twit. LOL…

  3. ‘War on terror’ is such a catch-all phrase. By its very nature, terrorism is designed to be as unlike a war as it is possible to get. Only when they stand and fight as an army, as in Mosul, can larger units eventually be defeated. Trouble is, they then go back to their origins. Bomb attacks, random mass shootings, suicide missions, and all the trademarks of every such group since history was written.
    You cannot win against that kind of war, whatever plan you come up with in 30 days or more.
    Good luck if you try to.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. I am an Anarchist and that made me happy for I have been there most of my life and it is good to see that I have not changed at all….chuq

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