Somalia–Take A Right At Ethiopia

My regulars know that I am always watch conflicts around the world……because in some way the US will become involved up to our ears….and that means death and destruction.

How many out there saw the movie “Black Hawk Down”?

A movie about the US limited deployment to the East African country of Somalia….and our involvement did not end well.  Military deaths occurred and we did what we did in Lebanon in the 1980’s….we cut and run as quickly as possible.

I bring up this sad part of our military history because of something I read the other day……

President Trump’s recommendations from the Pentagon are starting to trickle in, and they seem to everywhere involve more escalations of US involvement and increased flexibility for the Pentagon to order airstrikes in various countries to target “apparent threats.”

And while it’s not as high profile as recommendations expected later this week in places like Syria, that’s the case for Somalia as well, where the Pentagon is seeking increased aid for the Somali Army, moving US special forces closer to the front lines, and loosening up restrictions on airstrikes.

AFRICOM chief Gen. Thomas Waldhauser described Somalia as “our most perplexing challenge,” saying that the US needs to shift its focus toward weakening al-Shabaab enough that the African Union forces that have been in Somalia for a decade can finally defeat them.

Despite being presented as a “fresh perspective” on the long fight in Somalia, the Pentagon recommendation is their go-tell plan in wars everywhere: more direct US involvement, more embedding of forces, and more airstrikes with less restrictions, a plan which hasn’t worked well anywhere else.


The US is setting up a possible replay of the 1990’s situation….the only thing that makes sense is Einstein’s quote.


13 thoughts on “Somalia–Take A Right At Ethiopia

  1. Yeah, you’re right to follow these “little” things because they sometimes become big news later. I find myself often visiting the CIA World Fact Book site to glean info on the political, cultural, and military makeup of these places. I’m due to visit Somalia on that site as I don’t know where they are at these days.
    Black Hawk Down was part of a humanitarian mission.. actually the military was sent there to help stabilize the distribution of relief efforts. What I found interesting… the BHD mission in the movie was an attempt to capture a number of local warlords gathered for some meeting. They were hoping to nab Mohamed Farrah Aidid. self-proclaimed leader and big anti-U.S., anti-UN. He was not caught. I found interesting that his son, Hussein Farrah Aidid, took over as leader a year later after daddy died. The son had been sent to the States at the age of 16.. got educated (went to the same high school as my GF) , became s U.S. Marine in Desert Storm.. went back to Somalia and proclaimed himself leader and anti-U.S, proponent, then was killed a year later.
    You just knew that crap back then was going to catch up with us again.

  2. Hey Pete.. chuq… I’ve been trying to track down the problem you guys said you had when trying to comment on my site. I need a little more clarification. Am I to understand that when you get an email notification of a new post from me that when you click on the “comment” or “reply” at the bottom you get taken directly to my blog to make the reply entry? I am confused.. is not that what it’s supposed to do? I typically get an email to myself when I make a post to verify it got posted and I see the “comment” thing at the bottom.. and when I click on it, it goes right to my site comment area for that post.

    1. I have no problem commenting from my email….it is when I try from the comment notification that it does not want to post it… is not a big problem I just go to site and post….just it is easier when I get the notification to post from there…okay I admit it…I am lazy…LOL chuq

    2. Same as chuq. The sidebar ‘notifications’ will not allow me to comment from there. (This is the same on some other .com sites) However, email takes me straight to the link, or I just check on the website, and see if you have replied to my previous comment. WordPress does not allow ‘direct contact’; with some sites, for reasons best known to them.

  3. If you look into the situation in Somalia, you might have to re-think what constitutes a ‘country’, in the accepted sense. Various warring factions have been embroiled in trying to control that place for decades now. Old-style ‘warlords’, unchanged from ancient times except for their weaponry, control various parts of the country, and some districts of Mogadishu too.
    The foreign aid is a major part of the ‘currency’ in that country. Most (if not all) of it is stolen by different militia (warlord) groups; then sold for profit, or used to feed their soldiers. Throw some fundamentalist groups into the mix, add a lot of hatred for the west (blame Italy for that starting) and you have a combustive cocktail of trouble brewing.
    Going to war in a place like this is another no-win situation. And one best avoided. Bomb civilians, and that generates appeals for aid, and support for refugees. That aid is then stolen, and sold to fund the activities of the warlords. Then the refugees try to escape by using boats that land them in the southern countries of Europe. So the cycle continues, unending.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. It is a bad idea in the 90’s and today…just like the situation in Lebanon in the 80’s….walk into a situation with eyes closed….chuq

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