Balkans–A Return To Yesteryear?

I usually concentrate my international post on the region that I know a bit about, the Middle East…..sometimes at the expense of other regions that are having as much problems as others.

I try to keep up with the region of Europe known as the Balkans…mainly because I have a loyal visitor that hails from this region and I hope to get her input in my posts…especially if I have mis-read something that I post about.

I the last couple of days I have run across some interesting stirrings in the region….

First from the small country of Montenegro…….

Official Washington’s New Cold Warriors are painting NATO’s admission of tiny Montenegro in the stark black-and-white colors of a heroic stand against “Russian aggression” but that misses the real reasons why it’s a bad idea,

Any day now, Arizona Senator John McCain promises, the U.S. Senate will vote to approve the incorporation of Montenegro as the 29th member state in the NATO alliance. Though few Americans likely know where to find the tiny Balkan nation on a map, Montenegro has become another dubious focal point of the West’s new confrontation with Russia.

Source: NATO’s Strange Addition of Montenegro – Consortiumnews

Next news from another small country in the region…..Macedonia

Together with our NATO allies and EU partners, the United States has been closely following the process of government formation in Macedonia triggered by the December 11, 2016 parliamentary elections.

The United States calls on Macedonia’s leaders to form a new government without further delay, in a manner consistent with the constitution and Macedonia’s aspirations to join the European Union and NATO. The formation of a new government committed to rule of law and implementing needed reforms will help end a political crisis that has severely hindered the country’s democratic and economic development and Euro-Atlantic integration.

The United States urges all parties to put the interest of Macedonia and its citizens above all else, to work together constructively, and to fully implement all of their commitments under the Przino agreement.

I know the US enjoys sticking our noses in others business….but this is silly….Macedonia should not be pressured on anything….it is like the US wants final approval of the government.  I know what I would tell the US.

It is beginning to look like the Balkans has started rumbling over ethnic issues yet again and could become a major migraine for Trump and his lackeys…..

Now, the Balkans are once again dicing with crisis. Borders are being questioned, ethnic tensions are bubbling up, and land swaps are being mooted as a last resort to prevent a slide back towards violence. Forget China and the Middle East: the former Yugoslavia could yet emerge as Trump’s first real foreign policy headache.

Last month, a row over a Serbian train covered in the slogan “Kosovo is Serbia” in multiple languages sent towards Mitrovica precipitated the worst crisis for years in the region. Most of Kosovo is dominated by ethnic Albanians, who make up 90% of the population.

Source: Rumbling Balkans threaten foreign policy headache for Trump | World news | The Guardian

I try to do a round-up for many regions for the US is entering into a new era….a more dangerous era.


11 thoughts on “Balkans–A Return To Yesteryear?

  1. If I may put in my two-bits’ worth. #1, it’s none of the US’ business, or Trump’s. But that’s not why it is an issue. What I see is a growing fear that older European members of NATO and the EU are questioning their allegiance to these “monsters” (as Marine LePen calls the EU) and may be bailing out. Throwing more rats in these twp sinking ships may help convince those still on-board to remain and ignore the rising waters in the holds.

  2. Damn, these monkeys are so gullible! I appreciate your expertise, & willingness to share it; a true teacher at heart. You always manage to bring out a new rant in me…

    What I find, well, too absurd for words, is there are so many places on this planet, stuffed with humans who are so worried about their egos, they are willing to fight with and kill each other over the most trivial of reasons, as viewed dispassionately by almost anyone outside the situation. Damn near every region on earth is in some kind of turmoil, just because people worry about identifying themselves with this piece of land, or that mountain, or any of the other ridiculous reasons they come up with to justify their personal retreat into violence, none of which mean diddly squat to anyone but themselves and those who believe the same…

    Why wouldn’t they be easy to manipulate? Hell, the report above was so filled with vague, meaningless platitudes & buzz words, meant to hide the greed and ambition of those who prey upon others, it sounded nearly reasonable, unless one actually examined the meanings of the words they strung together… all bullshit.

    But, people like to play with their religions, & fight over their countries, or their skin color, or their bloody football team; it keeps them from thinking about the ones manipulating them, who continue to practice their insane perversions upon the rest of the human race, whom they figure are their legal and rightful prey….

    S’okay; it’s all gonna fall down soon; it’s Mother Nature’s turn to bat, & she always bats last….& some of us aren’t prey….

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. She bats “clean up” so to speak….sorry just had to get the sports dig in…maybe the last one I have…LOL Have a good evening….chuq

  3. Playing with fire in the Balkans got us WW1, but everyone seems to have conveniently forgotten that. It was only 100 years ago, not that long in the grand scheme of things. In fact, it was only 42 years before I was born, to put it into perspective. Start playing with that fire again, and it is more than fingers that will get burned.
    Regards, Pete.

    1. I have noticed here in the US we seem to be ignoring WW1…I know our involvement as limited but we should NOT ignore the past….chuq

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