Mercenaries To China

I have written extensively about the private armies from the US…..let’s be honest these are nothing short of mercenaries (my blog search widget will get you to all the posts on the subject)

Blackwater or whatever name they use this time around is back in the news.  These so-called security contractors have been at the heart of several wars in the recent past….from Iraq and Libya and now they are on there way to China…..

OK, OK, not Blackwater. That’s the mercenary force of convicted war criminals founded by Erik Prince that will never outrun its infamy no matter how many times it changes its name.

No, no, no! Not Blackwater! It’s Frontier Services Group—an entirely different mercenary group chaired by Erik Prince—that is heading to China! And they’re not there to sell mercenary services! Absolutely not. They’re merely opening some “forward operating bases” to help the Chinese train “ex-” PLA soldiers how to be mercenaries! It’s entirely different!

Now that we have that clear, some context: Erik Prince is the notorious mercenary who believes he’s the modern-day descendant of “Wild Bill” Donovan. (Prince even named his youngest son, Charles Donovan Prince, after Bill.) Prince’s budding career as a contract killer went down in flames in 2009 after it was revealed that Blackwater was a front for a secret CIA assassination program. He later admitted that Blackwater “became a virtual extension of the CIA” and took orders directly from the agency, but by that point the news spotlight had shifted elsewhere.

Source: Blackwater Heads to China

It is time to end the career of these mercenaries that operate outside the parameters of decency.  These hired killers should be imprisoned not employed.


4 thoughts on “Mercenaries To China

  1. This is more thought-provoking than it may seem on the surface, but, then, most things are. It occurs to me that mercenaries have been around as long as there have been armies, which were, in the beginning of human history, always employed by governments, whether of a town, a region, or a country. Some of those who became warriors chose the mercenaries path, simply because they knew no other way of life, but, did not wish to fight for those in their own country… so they went elsewhere…

    If one stops to think about the larger picture, then, the only difference between those who fight in armies for countries, and those who fight for themselves only, is a matter of the justifiability of their motivation. Those who generally get roped into fighting for their countries are usually in the belief they are acting in society’s best interests, and protecting their own loved ones… though, if you really look closely, that is seldom the actual case… Look at the US armies, who now fight all over the world… for what? To protect their homeland? That has been shown to be false; they are protecting business interests.

    Countries, and now large international corporations, richer than most countries, are still the ones hiring the mercenaries; and, while I agree their motivation may be, ultimately, less honorable than those of the general run-of -the-mill army grunt, they are no more, and no less, culpable for killing at the orders of others…

    To my mind, the only reason to kill is to actively protect ones self, or one’s love ones, who are actively under attack…. and the only ones who might do that are other humans, who don’t always believe in honor.

    I can’t seem to find the attribution, but, I read this recently, & it makes a lot of sense when thinking of this subject….

    “There are many good reasons for living, & a few good reasons for dying, but, there is no good reason for killing.”

    gigoid, the dubious

  2. That woke me up a bit this morning. China? What are they playing at? This lust for living a western lifestyle seems to know no bounds. Now they are training mercenaries. This must be seen as a ‘job opportunity’ in a country where the alternative is to work in a Nike factory, I presume.
    Will it never end? (don’t answer that…)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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