“Our House Is A Mighty Fine House”

The presidents of the US since FDR have had alternate residences…..well since FDR the Secret Service has been responsible for their security other than in DC…….

Yes, Irene this is a bit of the professor’s historical perspectives…..

We have a new president and does not seem to want to spend much time in the White House…..that means the SS needs to provide security in NYC at Trump Tower and at the resort in Florida Mar-a-Lago.  There has been some concern about the costs to the taxpayer with all this added extra security.  The question most asked is “is there a spending limit for this situation”?

Well….yes there is and we can thank Nixon for it……

Franklin D. Roosevelt had Hyde Park. Lyndon Johnson had his ranches. The first President Bush had a house in Kennebunkport, Maine, and the second a ranch in Crawford, Texas. Even after they’re elected, U.S. presidents often keep their private homes as retreats from the White House; America’s newest president, Donald Trump, has at least two.

Since his election in November, President Trump and his family have spent time at his Fifth Avenue apartment, where the First Lady and their son continue to live, and Mar-a-Lago, the president’s Florida resort. In the decades since the Kennedy assassination, when presidential protection became more rigorous, no president has kept a home in the thick of a city as big as New York, and critics havequestioned the millions of dollars being spent on securing the president’s apartment in Trump Tower.

The Secret Service is required to protect the president wherever he goes. But Congress has, in the past, been sensitive to the costs of that protection, especially when it involves the president’s private property. How much should be spent? Is there a limit? In the 1970s, in fact, after reports of “excesses and abuses” of public money spent at President Nixon’s private residences, Congress went so far as to pass a law that aimed to limit public spending on securing a president’s private property.

Source: U.S. Presidents Do Have Spending Limits for Securing Private Homes | Atlas Obscura

This will be interesting to see how Trump gets around this….after all every thing must conform to his will or he attacks endlessly on Twitter…..

How do you think he will approach this affront to his ego?


11 thoughts on ““Our House Is A Mighty Fine House”

  1. If I were President, I’d be living in the White House. A few plausible reasons for Trump not to be in the White House on a more permanent basis is because he wants to conduct business he shouldn’t be allowed to conduct, doesn’t know the job of President, doesn’t care much for his safety (since in his world everyone loves him) or just doesn’t want to give the impression he’s like any of those other 44 Presidents. Regardless of the reason, people will know how much is being spent and eventually start asking questions; we all know how much Trump likes questions….

  2. With bluster, lies, and arrogant ignorance, which characterizes everything he does….

    No spot changes for this leopard, ffolkes. He’s a racist, bigoted asshole, and everything he does springs from that well of ignorance he calls a brain. After all, he is a successful business mogul, and, now, a politician, too. What else can you expect? Both of those states exist to lie & deceive.

    gigoid, the dubious

  3. Of course, this doesn’t end when they leave office. As is the case in this country, former leaders enjoy continuing security, often for life. (Thatcher as an example) The costs of guarding these people decades after they are actually in power is rarely discussed.
    Regards, Pete.

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