How Important Are Vet Groups?

Apparently not as important as we were led to believe……

There has been lots of talk about the future of the VA with the election of this person as leader…..there are many that find Trump as a disingenuous toad….and to be honest his supporters think he will save the country from itself……and these supporters think he, Trump, will be the magic wand that will cure the ills of the VA….personally I do not think he gives one iota of care about these brave Americans…..

Recently he did what any good president does….he went on a listening tour…..

White House officials held their first listening session on problems with the Department of Veterans Affairs on Tuesday, but without inviting prominent members of the veterans community to the event.

Officials from the American Legion, Disabled American Veterans and the Veterans of Foreign Wars said they were not invited to the morning event and did not know about it until it was announced late Monday night, as part of the White House’s routine schedule outline.

Other prominent veterans groups were surprised Tuesday morning by news of the event, and unsure who was invited to take part in the discussion.

Source: Trump held his first VA listening session without veterans advocates

This illustrates what I said before….Trump cares little for the Vet and their families….his words are all smoke and mirrors……


10 thoughts on “How Important Are Vet Groups?

  1. Man, thats like holding a School Board meeting without inviting any of the Administration or members from the Community. Or, better analogy, hearing concerns from the community about first responder services and inviting only those people who have NOT used services from first responders.

    In this case, ACTIONS speak so much louder and clearer than WORDS. Yet, people seem to believe the WORDS more and its a real shame, because they don’t miss things until after they’re gone.

  2. I think the veteran’s groups would be better off to target junior high schools, elementary schools, etc., to let the actual people who will be their replacements as government fodder know what is REALLY in store for them, to wit: being sent to foreign countries to act as terrorist invaders intent on killing as many innocents as can be managed without stimulating overmuch outrage, then, when finished being manipulated into believing they’re protecting freedom by being armed bullies, they’ll be sent home (in pieces, much of the time, mentally & physically), to face unemployment, homelessness, and a nation who really doesn’t care much, since all has been provided for them since birth, giving them the idea they are ‘special’, with no idea why they should be thought so….

    Sorry, long diatribe, but, the ignorance of the public is only matched by those who allow themselves to be manipulated into joining up in the first place. My father, who fought in WWII, would be appalled at the ignorance so rampant today…. & he managed to get through four years in the Pacific theater with the only visible result being he wouldn’t talk of that time, except to briefly explain the scars he bore from shrapnel, from a friendly grenade thrown by an idiot behind his position at the front of an advancing column.

    While I can respect those who served, and do, for having the courage of their conviction, I also feel immense sorrow at their inability to know, or see, the truth BEFORE they make the decision to enlist. Just because someone says you will be protecting your own family & home, doesn’t mean that is what you’ll be doing… & Eisenhower himself was the one to deliver the warning of what was going on, way back in 1954….

    If one is going to be convinced of a need to place their life at risk for others, they should understand exactly why…. The negative consequences of NOT doing so, clearly, are greater than any possible reward.

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. I agree with you on the outreach thingy….I went and I fought…I would not change that part for anything….country be damn…I did it because I felt I needed to do it… uncle told me to join it I wanted to taste what life was really about….I owe him….chuq

      1. I have nothing against anyone who served; in fact, I usually respect them more easily than the general run of mundanes, since they have at least learned to sublimate their own self in service to others, even if it is not well understood why they are doing so. The discipline (self-discipline), and the importance of honor in following the warrior’s code, it teaches is, quite simply, invaluable in life at large. My objection is that lack of understanding on the part of many of them (most of them, I’d guess), which, to some extent, softens and defuses the positive aspects of being a warrior. I feel fortunate to have been raised, on Army bases, by one who knew why he had fought, yet still did not lose his ability to reason. He supported me in my days of resisting the draft, as he could not gainsay the evidence the war was not just illegal, but, immoral….

        You are a prime example of the potential benefit of service, for you never bought into the lies, just the warriors code… which, as it should, turned you against war…

        Peace, bro…



  3. for anyone to believe this draft-dodger cares about veterans is laughable. He claimed he donated money to vets group, turns out no such donations could be found. SAD!

  4. Despite all the public displays over here, our own returning soldiers are often left to fend for themselves, reliant on charities and self-help groups to take care of them. Once the wars are over, soldiers become an embarrassment for governments, sad to say.
    best wishes, Pete.

    1. Like I said…that “Next Generation” episode about the isolated vets after a war and they rebel….damn shame that the government makes these brave should depend on charity….they are like tools….once broken thrown away and get new ones… damn sad….chuq

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