Executive Orders–Part Deux

One last thought about the EOs being signed at a rate almost unheard of in these days……

To my friends on the Right–you remember Obama and his use of executive orders (EOs)….remember you guys called it an affront to American democracy and a circumvention of the Constitution?  Does any of that ring a bell?  I thought not.

It appears that our new president has started his rule with the issuance of EOs…if you recall that was called “lawless tyranny”……just as late as last month.

I wrote about this just the other day in my Closing Thought……(just in case you may have missed my poignant post…..link is below)

Source: Closing Thought–24Jan17 – In Saner Thought

Since I wrote that piece, just days ago, more has come to light……it appears that he is just as good at it as his predecessor, Obama……..

The speed with which President Trump issued executive orders on pipelines, abortion, and trade deals in recent days has alarmed critics—but he’s not behaving very differently than his predecessor. Trump’s pace on executive orders is similar to that of Barack Obama, whose orders in his first week included one to close Gitmo within a year, though George W. Bush and Bill Clinton went a lot slower. Bustle describes the trend as a product of partisanship, with Trump following Obama’s lead in using the “absolute maximum of presidential power” without seeking the approval of Congress. A roundup of executive order coverage:

  • The Washington Post looks at how far presidents from Harry Truman onward have gone in revoking the orders of previous presidents. Obama holds the speed record, with eight in his first 30 days, while George W. Bush set the record for quantity by reversing 64 previous executive orders during his term.
  • According to the Pew Research Center, Obama issued fewer executive orders per year than any president since Grover Cleveland 120 years ago, with Obama’s 277 executive orders working out to 35 per year, compared to 36 for George W. Bush, 48 for Ronald Reagan, a record 307 per year for FDR, and one per year for George Washington. A full list is here.
  • Roll Call takes a look at all the executive orders issued in the early days of the last four presidencies, noting that Trump is the first since Clinton to sign one on his very first day in office.
  • CNN looks at what can and cannot be done with executive orders, and at the pros and cons of using them instead of laws passed by Congress. One big plus for laws passed by Congress is that they can’t be so easily overturned by the next president.

The wall is moving forward: President Trump on Wednesday signed an executive order authorizing work to begin on his long-promised border wall with Mexico, reports the Washington Post.

Trump actually signed two executive actions related to immigration while at DHS. He also will beef up border security by increasing the number of detention centers and field agents, and he’ll penalize US cities—so-called “sanctuary cities”—that fail to comply with immigration laws by withholding federal grant money.

Why is this necessary for Trump….I mean he has control of both Houses of Congress…that should speed his agenda along…unless he does not trust the democratic process.

Is it still “lawless tyranny”?  Is he, Trump, circumventing the Constitution?  Is this more acceptable than when Obama use them?  Just what about Trump makes him above the same criticism that followed Obama around for 8 years?

Here is a final suggestion….why not dismiss the Congress and let them go back home for apparently they are not needed any longer?

(I promise this will be it for the EO controversy)


26 thoughts on “Executive Orders–Part Deux

      1. Inasmuch as Obama is now irrelevant and for all basic purposes always was irrelevant the question of who is the biggest “Prick” for issuing EOs is also irrelevant. Trump is issuing “Presidential Actions” and “Presidential Memorandums” along with his Executive Orders and all three of these are different from one another. — Obama did what Obama wanted to do with his EOs and Trump is doing what The American People know is needed with his. There is the difference.

      2. There is NO difference Trump is doing what Obama did…and it is awful that one is okay and the other was everything but a traitor…that is an excuse that I expected…

  1. I fail to comprehend why anyone uses the quantity of executive orders as a metric.

    The question that constitution-loving conservatives have is: Does the use of executive orders fall within what the constitution allows?

    Obama, in the opinion of most of those CLCs, used executive orders to circumvent law, which is a violation of their purpose. Trump, on the other hand, seems to be going to great lengths to word his orders in the context of “do this to the greatest extent that the law allows,” which is directing action the way the orders are supposed to be used.

    Basically, I think your post misses the mark by about a mile and a half. If you want to talk reasonably about the subject examine this:

    1. Did Obama’s use exceed his constitutional authority?
    2. Did Trump’s use exceed his constitutional authority?

    1. Do not try to reason with Liberals on this issue. It will be a dead end debate. Trump is doing exactly what he needs to do and exactly what he said he would do and it is about time we had a president with the gonads to exercise leadership instead of going around the world apologizing for our perceived weaknesses.

  2. As far as I’m concerned, Executive Orders are in direct conflict with the intent of the Constitution, and are, according to that document, completely illegal. The whole point of having a Congress in the first place is to ensure the President does not write the law; that office is only supposed to enforce them, not make them. I regard every fucking one of them as something that never should have been allowed to take place, at all, and, as such, in my world, hold no force of law. That’s the whole point of our system; the three branches are to act as a brake on the assumed power of the others.

    But, then, the system was destined to break down, as soon as the concept of lobbying became an accepted practice. In my mind, it is illegal to allow any such influence, and, as soon as it became ‘okay’, the checks and balances inherent in the system became moot….

    But, then, that’s what you get when you start believing in delusions, then make the additional error of combining them… Religion, money, government… all dangerous ideas, having no real value to humans, yet, our whole culture makes the erroneous assumption they not only exist in reality, but have some sort of usefulness for humans… HONK! Not so, silly monkeys….

    gigoid, the dubious

  3. I agree with the “Why? He’s got double majorities in Congress.”

    However, perhaps the most important thing to remember is that these Executive Orders give him something to sign right away, so he can look look like a “man of action”, rather than waiting around for Congress. Just look what waiting for Congress did for Obama.

    Not only that, he can take full credit for the actions. Fuck the Bodybuilder & the Turtle. The Orangutan wants the credit.

    1. Extreeeeeeeme vetting will be done by teens hopped up on reefer and “energy drinks” as they take cell phone videos of themselves skateboarding down stair railings accompanied by the music of Suicidal Tendencies and Bad Religion.

      1. While the band names of Suicidal Tendencies and Bad Religion do have a certain “Islamic ring” to them, no. My comment was merely making fun of the meaningless “extreme” terminology. Hyperbole has all but taken over the media. ie “This week’s episode of Mr Roger’s Neighbourhood…will…change…everything!”

        So, who better to introduce “Extreme Vetting” than a Reality TV personality who is incapable of describing something as anything other than “The very best/worst X of all time.” Virtually nothing is middling, or mediocre, to this guy. So, even if it the current process was doing a great job, “vetting” just isn’t good enough. It has to be “extreme vetting”, even if the only change to the entire process is replacing the office coffee machines with fridges full of Red Bullshit. (Itself a terminology con-job.)

        But to answer your question…While certain countries, or religions, may be targeted, that’s not vetting. That’s Macro. Vetting is Micro, based on individuals. At the end of the day, the EXACT same folks will be doing the Extreme Vetting and the EXACT same results (or lack thereof) will be produced.

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