Closing Thought–24Jan17

Those Damn Executive Orders!

Obama signed a buttload of EOs while in office…not as many as Bush2 or Clinton but a bunch nonetheless ….and of course because he signed them the Right was livid about how he was circumventing the Constitution and defeating our democracy at the same time….

Pres. Trump in his first day of his presidency has signed EOs….you remember EOs, right?

President Trump had a busy morning, signing three executive orders on trade, abortion, and federal hiring, and issuing a warning to US companies that they’ll be penalized if they move overseas. Details:

  • TPP: As promised, Trump signed an order withdrawing the US from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which the New York Times points out is President Obama’s most important trade deal, though it was never ratified by Congress. Coupled with Trump’s promise to renegotiate NAFTA, Trump’s trade stance is “a drastic reversal of decades of economic policy in which presidents of both parties have lowered trade barriers and expanded ties around the world.”
  • Hiring freeze: Trump kept another campaign promise to freeze federal hiring, except for employees involved with national security such as members of the military. The Washington Post reports that employees hired in a late rush by the outgoing Obama administration who have not started their new jobs yet may be out of luck.  (this worries me…it sounds like setting the stage to privatize our government)
  • Abortion: Trump reinstated a rule that prevents federal money from going to international aid groups that provide abortions or offer information about the procedure. Politico notes that the “Mexico City policy” has been put in place by every GOP president since Reagan and rescinded by Democratic presidents.
  • ‘Border tax’: In a meeting with business leaders Monday, Trump reinforced his “America first” message, reports the Wall Street Journal. He promised incentives for those who work and hire in the US but added, “if you go to another country … we are going to be imposing a very major border tax.”

WAIT!  I thought these were “lawless tyranny”……

My question now is….is it not a bit early in his administration for EOs?

I mean he has control of both houses of the Congress and yet he feels he needs to issue EOs….why?

Does anyone really think that we will hear about this from his supporters?  They hammered Obama for years because of them and yet this is somehow acceptable?  Why?

9 thoughts on “Closing Thought–24Jan17

  1. I’m getting the impression that Trump doesn’t like to lose (who knew, right?) and issuing EO’s almost guarantees that what he wants is what he gets without the risk of losing. Having control of both houses is one thing, but having to listen to detractors seems to be more intolerable for Trump than he can handle and therefore, the EO is the future of his Presidency.

    Note: I’m reserving any hard line judgement until at least the 101st day.

  2. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Somebody has to take the lead in eradicating the remnants of the obstructed administration that did little besides apologizing for America and making false promises about health care … and of course … golfing and vacationing.

  3. I think getting out of TPP will be a positive step. As for the pipelines, that is just going to generate even more of those protests we discussed in the other post. More worrying to me was the immediate stance against China. That could have serious ramifications indeed.
    Regards, Pete.

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