We Must Put a Stop To This Sh*t!

We are having protests….and as usual the Right is going batcrap crazy with all sorts of conspiracies of why they happening and who is behind it……you see to them the American people would not protests anything without provocation…..amusing as it is….these same dolts were behind the celebration of the Tea Party protests of 2009 and beyond…..to them these people were just taking back the American democracy and the country.

But now it is only malcontents that are protesting…those that do not work and those that do not love their country…..funny thing is I did not see one assault weapon slung over the shoulder of a protester….these newest protesters are impressive in number not in weaponry….

And now with the newest emperor in place there is a move by Repubs to violate the Constitution and ban civil disobedience…..

Women’s March on Washington will kick off what opponents of the incoming administration hope will be a new era of demonstrations against the Republican agenda. But in some states, nonviolent demonstrating may soon carry increased legal risks — including punishing fines and significant prison terms — for people who participate in protests involving civil disobedience. Over the past few weeks, Republican legislators across the country have quietly introduced a number of proposals to criminalize and discourage peaceful protest.

The proposals, which strengthen or supplement existing laws addressing the blocking or obstructing of traffic, come in response to a string of high-profile highway closures and other actions led by Black Lives Matter activists and opponents of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Republicans reasonably expect an invigorated protest movement during the Trump years.

Source: Republican Lawmakers in Five States Propose Bills to Criminalize Peaceful Protest

This is an updated version of above link…..

Source: Lawmakers in Eight States Have Proposed Laws Criminalizing Peaceful Protest

As you can see the number of states participating in this abuse is growing…..

Of course about here one of those mental midgets on the Right will inject something about those protesters that resorted to violence and destruction…..let me say here that none of that is acceptable and they should be dealt with lawfully…..but to ban any and all peaceful protest is a violation of civil rights.

I realize that these midgets think the Constitution only applies to them and their issues….but it just does not work that way…..no amount of lying and bitching will change that……


16 thoughts on “We Must Put a Stop To This Sh*t!

  1. Violence and destruction immediately take a “peaceful protest” into something that law enforcement needs to deal with. It’s almost like the 70’s are re-emerging with Trump’s rhetoric harking back to the 20th century of doing things in government. I don’t recall much of the 70’s specifically, but have done quite a bit of research and reading on the 70’s. It was the decade of violence, bombs, serial killers, war and foreign policy showdowns. Technology will only serve to make things a lot worse.

    1. I was an activist in the 70’s and it was more peaceful than many want to admit….yes there were violent outbursts and they made the news the more peaceful ones were ignored….chuq

  2. Most so-called “Peaceful Protests” are organized by certain people recognized as “Organizers.” I believe “Organizers” should be responsible for seeing to it that “Peaceful Demonstrations” remain peaceful and if they do not remain peaceful then I believe the organizers should have some kind of self-policing mechanism in place to insure that they do remain peaceful. But if the “Peaceful” demonstration degenerates into chaos and violence and property destruction and assaults on people then I believe the entire demonstration should be shut down by law enforcement and the “Organizers” held accountable. I am all in favor of peaceful demonstrations but when they degenerate into disorder, lawlessness and violence then I believe there should be penalties.

      1. I do not believe that “Even peaceful will be banned.” I am all in favor of putting them into “Free Speech” zones however where they can demonstrate to their hearts content and where the would be no danger of property damage or assault on innocent bystanders.

  3. I’m afraid we are in for four years of truth bending and outrageous conspiracy theory ! We as citizens must punch back every time they open mouths to spew.

  4. I cannot see how this will work. The more laws that are passed to ban protests, the more protests will happen about them. Even Trump can’t lock everyone up…
    All demonstrators everywhere would do well to look at the success of Gandhi’s non-violent protests against the British occupation of India. He actually achieved something, after all.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I gave a paper at a Marxist conference in 1986 about the “Short comings in the theory of non-violence”…it was not a big success….the academic were not pleased with me…but that is why I enjoyed it so much….chuq

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