Can We Expect a Virtual Media Blackout of Protests?

The day of the sheep approaches!

Tomorrow the US gets its 45th president and as usual the inauguration will be a spectacle and a tremendous waste of money and a total ostentatious theater of hedonism …but that is what we Americans do best…piss money away and love our glitz and crap.  Will I observe the farce?  Not on your life I have not done so in 40 years I do not expect to change my streak.

There has been lots of noise about massive demonstrations against the Trump presidency on this day.  That is not really all that original…I can remember back to 2001 and the demonstrations against the Bush2 presidency…..there were some large ones but as usual the MSM covered very little of the demonstrations……Thousands protesting Bush’s inauguration in 2001 received only 10 minutes of coverage on the major networks.

I do not expect more coverage this time around…….

On January 20—16 years ago—thousands of protesters lined the inauguration parade route of the incoming Republican president. “Not my president,” they chanted. But despite the enormity of the rally, it was largely ignored. Instead, pundits marveled over how George W. Bush “filled out the suit” and confirmed authority.

“The inauguration of George W. Bush was certainly a spectacle on Inauguration Day,” marvels Robin Andersen, the director of Peace and Justice studies at Fordham University in the 2001 short documentary Not My President: Voices From the Counter Coup.

Source: Why We Can Expect a Virtual Media Blackout of Protests Against Trump’s Inauguration | Alternet

It will be social media that carries the protests….MSM will give it usual quick reference and then move on to what celebs are kissing the ring of the newly crowned king…..the mindless part of this day will be highlighted…..over and over and…… is what Americans crave…mindless crap!


6 thoughts on “Can We Expect a Virtual Media Blackout of Protests?

  1. MSM is the true deplorable in this election. I’ll be watching the inauguration through social media outlets that I’ve observed reporting the facts, not necessarily how a dress fits or who someone is wearing. As if someone could wear someone else, it’s preposterous, lol! You want to see someone wear someone else, watch Silence of the Lambs!

  2. I remember “Fahrenheit 451” and they showed Bush’s limo getting hit with eggs in some of the film’s footage, but never heard a word about it on the media. Me and dad were totally shocked, wondering why no one said anything about it at the time. I have a feeling you’re right, and it could be a good or bad thing that I’m running all over town today and working all night, so I can’t watch any of it.

  3. They did show protests on the news over here. Windows being broken, noisy demonstrators, and trucks with water-cannons being brought up. It wasn’t a very long piece though…
    Regards, Pete.

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