Closing Thought–30Nov16

Fake News Update………..

I recently wrote about the presence of fake news especially during this last election….(a reminder)…

Media distrust and Fake News…… This past election illustrated just how much social media can play in the election of a president…. Take Facebook for instance…..on a personal…

Source: Closing Thought–18Nov16 – In Saner Thought

Since that was written more info about these sites has come to light…..

Some of the anti-Hillary Clinton news stories that popped up in your social media feeds during the election campaign may have been put there by Russia. That’s the conclusion of independent propaganda research group PropOrNot, which provided its report to the Washington Post. PropOrNot found more than 200 websites, including RT and Sputnik, published Russian propaganda during the election campaign that was read by 15 million Americans. The stories—reportedly the work of “thousands of botnets, teams of paid human ‘trolls,’ and networks of websites and social-media accounts,” per the Post—were then viewed an estimated 213 million times on Facebook.

An earlier study identified a similar campaign conducted by “organized hordes of trolls,” per the Verge. The propaganda campaign “was equivalent to some massive amount of a media buy,” says PropOrNot’s executive director. “It was like Russia was running a super PAC for Trump’s campaign … It worked.” What the RT had to say in an email to the Post: “RT adamantly rejects these claims.” (Mark Zuckerberg maintains fake news didn’t impact the election.)

This appears to be the way of the future… consumers need to be vigilant or be stupider than they are today.

10 thoughts on “Closing Thought–30Nov16

  1. Sometimes it feels like I’m back in elementary school with all the finger pointing…. but by adults, not children. For some in mainstream media, its hard to tell the difference anymore. RT and Sputnik are Russian, so yeah, I can see the whole jumping to conclusions. Americans are just as guilty in the Middle East with reports that spin us there as a good thing while we institute regime change behind the scenes. Russia should hold up a pot to America’s kettle.

  2. But the real, the factual, the actual news is so bizarre what can you believe ? The latest Trumpet is that flag burners should lose citizenship and be jailed. One report is that Hillary said the same thing a while back.

  3. Well, sometimes propaganda is the eye of the beholder. Outfits like RT do good work, but get told to do certain stories certain ways in order to please their bosses. (Just like in America.) However, even outright propaganda contains far more factual information than the so-called “news” people are “fed” everyday by their hi-tech nannies. To paraphrase an old saying, “Your brains are what they eat”.

    It’s staggering the amount of completely fictitious bullshit that social media companies for-profit spy agencies like Loserbook & such automatically feed you based upon what their file on you tells them you want. Professionalism and journalistic integrity don’t even enter into the equation. It’s all about them telling you that you’re right. It’s about stroking your ego in order to deliver you to advertisers. It’s about them getting paid at your -and society’s- long term expense.

    Thanks to technology and cultural changes accentuated by technology, we live in a post-fact era where truth counts for absolutely nothing and what you want to hear is all that matters. The Internet is designed to give every pea-brained asshole on the planet exactly what they want to hear 24/7, no matter how untrue, or dangerous. It’s about meeting a market demand for profit. This is The Free Market at work in the “news” department.

    Up to a third of people get the majority of news from the Inter-webs. And the vast majority of those people spend less than 90 seconds a day reading news…news specially handcrafted algorithm- crafted to please them. Even if that entails teens in their basements just making shit up to get clicks.

    Is it any wonder Trump won? This is why I get nearly all my news from analog sources.

      1. Sounds like a right wing conspiracy…LOL..but if you would like to ID propaganda I have written a couple of posts on the subject….

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