Trump, Putin, and the New Middle East

The 2016 election has diverted my attention from the Middle East and conflicts to more mundane stuff like….POLITICS (yuk)…….

I have been keeping track of the situations in the region….but have not written too much for I am watching the development of the Trump cabinet……

His election will change things a bit in the Middle East and with the changes will come a storming Putin……

By Maged Mandour | ( ) | – – The election of Trump will give second wind to autocrats …

Even though Trump remains a wild card, his campaign as well as his cabinet choices to date offer a glimpse on the direction of the policies he intends to follow in the Middle East.

The Trump campaign revolved around the notion that America had become international laughing stock because it had been taken advantage of by its allies. Trump struck more of an isolationist tone arguing for the need for American allies to do more. He has also oscillated to more extreme and militaristic positions, which reflect a more aggressive stance; he stated, for example, that he would use torture, even if proven ineffective, resort to massive bombing campaigns against IS as well as expand Guantanamo bay prison.

Source: Trump, Putin, and the new Middle East

The Middle East will remain a focus of American foreign policy….but will it be for good or will it embrace a worse scenario?


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