Does Freedom Of The Press Have A Future?

This election there has been a lot of talk about one of our basic freedoms….freedom of the press…..lots of talk about this candidate or that will limit our freedoms and press is the one the worry about the most….along with that of speech.

One particular candidate seems to have it in for the press and if elected may be hard on them…..but would it be a violation of the 1st amendment?

“Our press is allowed to say whatever they want and get away with it. And I think we should go to a system where if they do something wrong… I’m a big believer tremendous believer of the freedom of the press. Nobody believes it stronger than me but if they make terrible, terrible mistakes and those mistakes are made on purpose to injure people. I’m not just talking about me I’m talking anybody else then yes, I think you should have the ability to sue them.”

Source: Trump Suggests Curtailing First Amendment: ‘Our Press is Allowed to Say Whatever They Want…’ | Mediaite

I realize that trump is pissed at the way the press is covering him…..I think the press is doing a horrible job also….even though I do not like Trump as a candidate…..but to put limits on the press because you think they are being mean is just a violation of the right……

With that said…..and I know that his supporters are on his side in this….is kinda scary because they are accusing of Dems. Obama and others with crapping on the Constitution….and yet they might support this type to “control”……

One of the feel-good stories that Americans like to tell ourselves is that our freedom of the press (or media), as enshrined in the 1st Amendment, is at the top of the list of things that make us an exceptional nation. But as one of our country’s Nobel-winning authors (no, not that one!) famously expressed it….yes, isn’t it pretty to think so.

The reality is much cruder than we care to admit. The group Reporters Without Borders ranks the United States as a mediocre 41st out of 180 nations for press freedom, behind not just the usual suspects (Canada, the Scandinavian countries) but places like Ghana and Chile. That’s not surprising in a country that honors its government whistleblowers by indicting them or throwing them into jail and where reporters covering Black Lives Matter-style protests have found themselves detained for no good reason. And this was all before Peak Donald Trump.

Source: Why U.S. press freedom may not survive 2016

Funny how so many people like the 1st amendment and in the same breathe talk down on the press…..I agree that the press needs to get their shit together but …..(you fill in the blank).

Freedom of the press will survive….but what will it look like?


16 thoughts on “Does Freedom Of The Press Have A Future?

  1. Really about like it does now. Out and Out lies, if proven, can be addressed and even punished. Opinion will still be stated as fact, whistle blowers can still remain anonymous and the reporters can still go to jail. BIAS on ALL sides will abound. President Elect Don can do a lot of mischief and cause a lot of misery but he no longer can “FIRE” everyone. I’m more worried about the attitudes that may flourish given his attitudes not the actual permanent changes he can effect. (did i use that word correctly, i’m too tired to look it up?) ~~dru~~

  2. Freedom of the Press will indeed survive and you ask,”What will it look like?”— It will look like a mish mash of enforced politically correct gobbledy-gook and will be, in large part, ignored by the thinking masses who still have functional brains as electronic information systems kick in and as the citizens discover ways to interconnect themselves on what is being referred to as “Mesh” networks which have the unique characteristic of being free from the Internet giants and can function on their own a little like the so-called “Dark Net.” This new underground internet (Mesh Internet) will become the voice of the people as MSM first struggles to survive and eventually becomes a distant memory.). But Freedom of Speech will survive because the American People won’t let it die!

      1. They put their trust in fake news because I wager there aren’t enough of them educated in the refinements of journalism to know a news story when it bites them in the ass.Attention spans are short and there is a voratious appetite for yellow journalism and crap journalism because it is spectacular and filled with all manner of lust, laciviousness and cheap shots … things many Americans are more addicted to these days than ever in the history of the country.

    1. The Onion has pretty much done that and then there is one called “News70” I believe….you might get lots more followers..that could be one good thing…if that is what you search for….

      1. The thing is — in those “Fake” sites they keep on talking about there is enough truth to make what they have to say worthwhile…. no idea is ever unworthy….and when you think about it, One mn’s “Fake” is another man’s “Fact” so what they H*ll…. eh?

      2. A little hate and bias is necessary sometimes in order to preserve the order of things. Unless of course anyone can give me a reason to have loved The Nazis or the Comunist Reds or the ISIL Muslims. If you open the door to snakes you are bound to get bit.

  3. It seems clear to me, and has, for a long time, that the American people get the news they want.

    I’ll repeat two things I’ve said before. One, you only have those rights you can defend. How does one defend the press? They must do it themselves. The people’s defense is to learn to question what they hear as news; they’ve learned thus far only to accept whatever they’re told by anyone in authority.

    Second, human nature, as it exists in today’s world, is blunted and repressed by believing in too many delusional ideas already. They are programmed to believe lies, thus taking away their ability to even recognize the truth. If you can’t tell shit from Shinola, well, one ends up eating a lot of shit.

    “A little hate and bias is necessary…” Oh, really? When? On this planet, the only thing either one of those has accomplished is to foster conflict amongst people. It is hard for me to believe anyone could conceivably be so prejudiced as to not even be able to recognize their own inability to live without fear.

    Snakes aren’t dangerous, except to those ignorant of other forms of life, or don’t wish to learn. They are slow, and stupid, mostly, so, anyone who gets hurt by one can only blame themselves, for being slower, and dumber.

    gigoid, the dubious

  4. There are still freedoms left in America????….Well, other than the freedom line to associate…in long lineups to buy the latest Chinese made iDiotphone, or to watch Reality TV, or to send dick-pics to strangers over the Internet.

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