Dreaming Up a Reason for NATO’s Relevance

As the process continues…the search for the perfect government…..I will leave most of it behind and return to my love of foreign policy.

During the run up to the final result of the past election Mr. Trump showed some contempt for NATO…..I will agree some what with his take on the organization…..

There was a time when NATO was to be the front line on a perceived expansion of the USSR…Western Europe was paranoid after the debacle of WW2…..

Mr. Trump has cast shadows on the relevancy of NATO…..could he be right?

A few months ago during the seemingly endless U.S. election, Donald Trump said NATO is not a gift that America can keep giving. In his stated view, the other member states should make a greater financial contribution (the U.S. currently contributes 70 percent of NATO’s budget) and, if not, they could not expect automatic protection in the face of an attack.

On Nov. 13, after Trump’s victory, NATO Secretary General and former Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg wrote a think piece in the U.K.’s Observer newspaper, and acknowledged the need for more widespread contributions while crying up the historic importance and future need for NATO by citing growing Russian “assertiveness” (diplo-speak for “aggression”) and the threat from international terrorism.

Source: Dreaming Up a Reason for NATO’s Relevance – Consortiumnews

But what exactly is Trump’s stand on NATO?  His speeches will leave an interested party a bit confused……

Source: What’s Trump’s Position on NATO?

After reading this post…I am NO closer to knowing what he will do with NATO…..how about you?

It is still too early to tell what Trump’s foreign policy will be…..can he do all the stuff that he promised while running?

Let’s say he cannot deliver….will his supporters hold that against him?

As it appears today…the answer is NO.

I am beginning to think that there is something very simple about his appeal…..something that I am not too thrilled with the thought.


17 thoughts on “Dreaming Up a Reason for NATO’s Relevance

  1. The liberal left media and Hillary were successful in putting people in a panic by calling Trump’s criticisms of NATO and effort to dismantle NATO. I heard it over and over “He wants to abandon our allies and let Russia roll just like in Crimea(Crimea IS Russia by the way, Sevastopol home of Czar’s winter palace). Trump wants NATO members to pay a greater share of costs and that NATO should not just be a military alliance but an anti terrorist security alliance as well as an economic alliance.

      1. I understand and one study showed that most are paying their prescribed amount. Troops stationed also bring prosperity to local communities in those countries. Pres H S Truman was the right man at the right time.

  2. First of all, an ellipsis is three dots: “…”. If you’re indicating a pause and the ellipsis falls at the end of the sentence, it can be four dots. It is never five dots.

    More to the point of the post, if you’re trying to understand Trump, start out by assuming that the first thing he says is always the starting point of a negotiation. If he whats to pay a million dollars for something, the first thing he’s going to do is demand that you give it to him for free or, even better, pay him to take it off your hands.

    1. Line 4 above: change “whats” to “wants”. I always dot my t’s and cross my i’s in hand written text. 3 periods omitted in my comment intentional. HappyTerkie Day to all.

  3. When thinking of Trump, and what he has said, one has to remember, it’s politics, and politics is, after all, poopadoodle, as has been proven over the last 8000 years or so. He can SAY anything; what he does won’t necessarily be as attractive, or compelling. Plus, one must consider, for him to accomplish anything, he must get it by Congress, and the American people, in the long run. Nothing a sitting President does takes immediate effect, anyway; most of their political maneuvering has effects only over time, due to the presence of social inertia which is growing at the same rate as the overall population. The more people there are, the longer it takes to get them to move in ANY direction.

    He won’t be able to do ALL he said, not immediately. So, don’t worry, there’s plenty of time to worry over it.

    If you feel it necessary to do so, of course.


    gigoid, the dubious

      1. I’m still waiting to see if my prediction comes true. If so, he’ll never walk into the White House…. Still almost 2 months until he’s sworn in….. Lots of opportunities in that time…


  4. The MIC will try to push Trump into the Bush/Obama/Killer Ray groove. If there is bi-partisan consensus in Washington it’s about war: war is always good because it is always profitable… that is to a nation that does not know the true cost of defeat, i.e., invasion and conquest of “the homeland.” That will happen inevitably but not right now. America’s enemies are older and a lot more patient. They can wait while they watch America sink itself and die. Meanwhile there’s Trump caught between a rock and a hard place. Promises or the reality of inherited permanent war? He’ll need more and smarter magic to get out of the wars than he needed to win the election. But as he gets buried in the wars he will lose his groundswell support because you can’t have a booming economy at home while all your $$$ are being burned up in the Middle East and while your proxies are bailing out to join with your competitors on the global money game. Trump is an opportunist, not a patriotic hero or potential martyr. The MIC will get through to him that his life is on the line if he doesn’t toe that line. He’ll calculate that he stands a better chance to stay alive against his “popular” support than the MIC, so he’ll dance.

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