American Nationalism Returns

This election has brought the term “nationalism” back into the civic discourse…..nut then we need to ask….by what definition is this term being used?

We could drop back into history about 75 years ago and work from there to determine the true meaning of the word…..or not…

I read an interesting take on this subject in the National Review….you guys remember the magazine right?  In case the answer is NO then let me help….it is a conservative magazine founded by William F. Buckley, Jr…any bells now?

In electing Donald Trump, voters have rebelled against the rule of a transnational elite.

Donald Trump’s election is above all else a rebellion of the voters against identity politics enforced by political correctness, and it opens the way to a new politics of moderate levels of immigration, patriotic assimilation, and, in foreign policy, the defense of U.S. sovereignty. In the past few months, Trump put together a winning electoral coalition that stressed the unity and common interests of all Americans across the full spectrum of policy, from immigration to diplomacy.
Because of Trump’s electoral success, this combination of policies rooted in the national interest and patriotism has suddenly begun to sound like common sense. That was not so only yesterday, when political correctness made it hard even to examine such ideas as “multiculturalism.” In February, David Gelernter stated that the “havoc” that political correctness “has wreaked for 40 years [has been made] worse by the flat refusal of most serious Republicans to confront it.” Indeed, he noted, “only Trump has the common sense to mention the elephant in the room. Naturally he is winning.” Defeating political correctness — or, in positive terms, expanding real freedom of speech — made it possible to raise other issues that worried the voters but that a bland bipartisan consensus pushed to the sidelines.

Source: Donald Trump’s Win: American Nationalism Returns | National Review



14 thoughts on “American Nationalism Returns

  1. I like the kind of Nationalism that got us all through the dark days of The Second World War and as I recall Nationalism was both rampant back then and filled with a pride that approached religious ecstacy.

      1. The Americans I am talking are mostly all dead, gone and forgotten by now. The present generation don’t have a clue.It was something that had to be lived to be understood. Gold Star Mothers with kids buried in body bags knew very well what I am talking about. But today’s generation don’t have a clue and quite frankly, cannot have a clue because they are so self-absorbed.

      2. There is the problem….NO one cares about their ancestors accept in some ego driven haze….since all the Korean and Viet vets will be gone and all they will have is a monument that few will visit as the days roll on….so sad but predictable.

  2. Good post. Made me brush up on the concept, “bipartisan consensus.” (downloaded a short article, Bipartisan Consensus: The Two Most Frightening Words In Washington – P. J. O’Rourke – can’t remember what publication it came from)
    I knew what the words meant but I’d forgotten what they meant in this context: acceptance of political correctness on both sides of the pretend political divide. I find it contradictory though, to imply that the return of nationalism = greater freedom of speech. It’s actually a reversal, no? I read somewhere that Newt Gingrich was talking about re-instating some kind “un-American activities” laws as in the McCarthy era. Wouldn’t surprise me at all to see something like that happening soon. Hardly conducive to freedom of speech. Now with Facebook and Google looking to punish those who “publish” fake news, that’s more muzzling of free speech, and talk about the hypocrisy: the real fake news is spewed out minute by minute by main stream media.

  3. I’ve missed a number of posts, but, will be in and out trying to catch up…. To reiterate my take on “nationalism”, I’ll turn to this pearl from GB Shaw…

    “You’ll never have a quiet world till you knock the patriotism out of the human race.” — George Bernard Shaw

    I really don’t understand the human need to divide into groups with which to identify. I guess, if everyone felt strong enough in their own mind, they wouldn’t need to be part of a group to such a degree. But, these days, humans aren’t taught to be self-sufficient; they’re taught to be slaves….and, sadly, most of them seem happy to be such…

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. In part, I blame the politically correct line, “We’re all in this together.” Oh yeah, together… together… the black and white two dimensional characters holed up in the Pleasantville bowling alley… patriots, enemies of change.

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