Closing Thought–22Nov16


Before anyone gets all butt hurt….I am not accusing anyone of anything…..all I am saying is…….. it is a perception….if you take one person at their word then why not everyone?

For over a decade there has been a label used by uneducated dolts to describe anyone that does not agree with their ignorance….socialist/Marxist/ Commie….on and on….

I will agree that I use terms like d/bag, a/wad, moron etc etc…..but those are not labels for me….they are observations.  Plus I was a socialist and to lump me in with Dems is an insult…but people would know that if they had any idea of what they speak.  There is little socialistic about a Dem…you cannot be a socialist and embrace capitalism… is really simple…..again that would be known if there were half a brain working on the Right.

After the Trump victory I have seen a label turning up more and more…..Fascist….to be clear I do not believe that Trump is a Fascist….(please read that again so that you do  not embarrass yourself)….

Those using such label do so because they have seen a list of characteristics for Fascism and find some of them in the Trump camp…..

If one would remove one’s head from one’s ass and use a wee bit of commonsense then one could see where this could be believed….what is that saying…”If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck” then you are probably looking at a duck.

And stuff like this does not help the conversation what so ever…..

A private banquet dinner, a reality-TV star, and a tweet showing a Nazi salute have placed a DC Italian restaurant in the center of controversy. Maggiano’s Little Italy hosted a dinner Friday for a group that had a conference in DC the next day, apparently without knowing the group was the National Policy Institute, known for its white nationalist members, Washington City Paper and the Washington Post report. How the restaurant became clued in: a protest against NPI that formed at the eatery, followed by dinner attendee Tila Tequila sending out a tweet showing herself and two men performing the Nazi salute along with the caption “Seig [sic] heil!”

I still will not use the term…I may change my mind at a later date….but for now I will not use them.

On the other hand the uneducated dolts on the Right keep using a term they do not understand then they should not be offended when the other side does the same.

Do I need to use another awful cliche?


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