Is There A Trump Mandate?

First, is anyone else sick of the term “Black Friday” yet?

I have read and heard so much about this past election that it is now getting damn right boring….his supporters keep telling me about the mandate he and the GOP have now that he is prez…….

Okay, what exactly is Trump’s mandate…not what you think it is but what is his stated mandate?  Or does that matter?

Mandate is a command or authorization to act in a particular way on a public issue given by the electorate to its representative…..

(I will pause here for a quick Google search for his supporters because they have NO idea other than his social media ramblings)

Within days of the U.S. general election, central elements of the result have already entered into American mythology: the revenge of the “white working class voter”; the unprecedented anti-establishment character of the President-elect; the populist revolution that led to Trump’s victory; and the years in the wilderness now facing Democrats and progressives in America.

But the endless repetition of these themes by the corporate media deserves a great deal more skepticism and scrutiny before they worm their way into all our heads to form the established and accepted narrative of this election. Let’s first review some basic facts about what happened on Nov. 8:

Source: The Non-Existent Trump Mandate – Consortiumnews

I listened closely to all his speeches and tried to follow his Tweets but I have a life and it was beyond tedious……there was so much contradictory stuff from his lips that I am not sure about anything he has on his mind…..

And then there is his search for the SecState…..there are so many factions jockeying for the inside position….I worry about who will be the winner…..

In recent history, a presidential election which puts the other major party in power has led to a pretty orderly transfer of power, with each party having its own collection of usual suspects that quickly and predictably fill in all the top spots. President-elect Donald Trump’s outsider status, and the number of Republican leadership figures openly opposed to his campaign, means he doesn’t have such a ready-made cabinet, nor likely the inclination to install one.

Instead, Trump’s cabinet is being assembled very publicly, amid a battle that includes neo-conservatives and establishment hawks arrayed against a group of outsiders including the libertarian right, Tea Party Republicans, and a bloc of realists who would normally not be in line for top positions.

Many of the neo-cons and the rest of the establishment had a substantial “Never Trump” bloc that opposed his election  appear to feel entitled to the top positions in the cabinet, and indeed, Trump seems to be entertaining candidate like ultrahawk John Bolton for some of his biggest positions.

Source: GOP Factions Battle Over Control of Trump’s Foreign Policy — News from

This position and DoD will tell me all I need to know about the direction that our foreign policy will travel……

His choices point to a mandate to this writer….but I am not positive so I will withhold me impressions ….for now.

Maybe this is something we all should worry about and not what star is dancing to what song…..just a thought!


7 thoughts on “Is There A Trump Mandate?

  1. Reality television, if it were true reality, would show us something that used to resemble the real news 50 years ago. From my observations, the brainwashing is complete.

  2. I would argue that he has no mandate but I would also argue that he has significant “Political Capital” at the present time. A “Mandate” in my mind suggests that people have given an elected official powers outside the constraints of the Constitution. George Bush claimed a mandate but what he and most Presidents have are not “Mandates” but political capital instead.

    1. Like I said the word is subjective these days… so many other words…it means only what the person wants it to mean…like everything else these days… me the mandate is your stated stands on the issues and so far he has renigged on a couple but it is early and all that could very well change….I will see and I will write….

      1. I realize that some things may be beyond his control but others he needs to try and accomplish…..I still await SecState and DoD

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