2016: Sneak Attack

Only hours before the polls open……and the story should be which candidate will win….but since 2016 is so f*cked up that’s not it.

If not that…then what?

It appears our dynamite intel services have issued a pre-election warning…..

Intelligence officials are worried about a possible al-Qaeda attack Monday in the US, reports CBS News. The story, based on anonymous sources, says intel officials have warned terrorism task forces to be on particular alert the day before the election. The story notes that such warnings often surface before big events in the US, with the sources saying the warning was passed along out of extreme caution. CBS reports no specific targets were identified, but says “it is believed” that New York, Texas, and Virginia could possibly be in the crosshairs.

Last month, the Times of London reported that al-Qaeda has been regrouping and poses a genuine threat to the West. It’s “been quietly rebuilding itself,” the story quotes an intelligence source as saying. “They watched ISIS become the big kid on the block. Al-Qaeda is biding its time. It will still be there when ISIS is done.”

Really?  I would think there would be more “bang for the buck” on election day…..

I guess we could say “better safe than sorry”…..right?

But after the FBI decided to jump into the campaign some ask if this is just more of the same…..


8 thoughts on “2016: Sneak Attack

  1. My conspiracy radar is telling me that it’s all a ploy to keep people away from voting locations by preying on fear. I’m going to be in line by 6:30am tomorrow morning and nothing is going to stop me from getting into that booth. The media needs to stop with all this “fear” bullshit.

  2. My attitude about the possible sneak attack is this: Do not go out alone and if you have a license to pack then never go out without packing. The rounds fired from a cell phone do not pack enough punch to save your life if you get in the way of terrorism.

  3. *sad smile* By definition, a successful terrorist attack is carried out at an ‘unexpected’ time and location. If the ‘sources’ spouting this nonsense had any intention of doing anything other than spreading fear (in the guise of ‘concern for safety’), it would be against their best interest to give any warning to terrorists they had knowledge of when and where one will take place. To do so would give them warning enough to change the time and target.

    Talking about it is merely self-service; it has nothing to do with actual concern for safety. Safety doesn’t exist in nature. All one can do is try to be prepared to deal with whatever happens; beyond that, NOTHING is predictable. Not in this universe. Especially with humans involved….

    gigoid, the dubious

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